10 TV Shows We Want To See Kickstarted

There are a good many TV shows that have been canceled well before their time. These are shows that tend to be too smart for the general audiences or too quirky and just don’t bring in the big audience numbers. Or their networks just don’t understand them… I’m looking at you, Fox.

The last few years have marked an incredible change in the way that movies can get funded with the arrival of crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The Veronica Mars movie set records and the result was the movie fans had been craving after the show was canceled. Even LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow is getting relaunched via Kickstarter and we bet there will be more.

This a list of shows that have met early ends and shows that we think could benefit from a crowdfunding project to bring us some closure.

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Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie Cooke

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