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X-Men: Days of Future Past is set to dominate the box office this weekend. Thanks to our friends at, we’ve go your chance to win a t-shirt from their amazing X-Men collection.

Are you a fan of Wolverine or Magneto? Either way you can find a bunch of cool t-shirts in the collection. There are so many shirts to choose from, but below are some of my favorites. Keep reading to check them out and to enter to win!


Wolverine brought some backup in this X-Men t-shirt! The 65% polyester, 35% cotton shirt features Wolverine, Bishop, Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey, all below the X-Men logo. It’s the classic lineup from the 90s! (Softness Rating = 10/10)


Logan was the original bad boy superhero of the X-Men and this Red Wolverine t-shirt celebrates all of his feral greatness. The licensed t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and features Wolverine with his claws in his red and gold costume from the 80s. “Wolverine” appears in yellow letters above. He has claws! (Softness Rating = 7/10)


Magneto ain’t no punk. The 100% cotton has the supervillain printed on the front in all his glory. Watch out metal, he’s coming for you! (Softness Rating = 7/10)

Enter to win an X-Men Shirt:

*The contest is open to US residents only. Winner’s can choose a t-shirt from the site under $30.

Wolverine is my favorite X-Men character, so I chose this cool Wolverine shirt. What is your favorite shirt?

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