RAGE Trailer Features Nicolas Cage Being Typical Nicolas Cage

The newly released Rage trailer showcases Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage in another action-packed role. This time, instead of stealing cars (Gone in 60 Seconds) or hunting for long last artifacts (National Treasure), Cage finds himself in a role that seems very similar to that of Liam Neeson’s badass father character in Taken.

Is it Just a Spin Off?

Judging from the trailer alone, the plot of Rage seems to have many similar elements to that of Taken. In the trailer, we learn that Paul Maguire (Nicolas Cage) is a reformed criminal, whose daughter Caitlin has been “taken” from him by a Russian mob to get back at him. Paul’s in trouble for something. Maybe he should recruit a sales tax audit defender or get out of the country. One thing that is for certain is that he is up against it. This is exemplified in the tagline of the film, formerly titled “Tokarev,” which states that the past never stays dead.

Yet, given all of the similarities to Taken, there is one substantial difference. In the trailer, viewers will notice that Cage will not be seeking justice alone. Unlike Neeson, Cage will have some help in his efforts to bring his daughter home. Rounding up his former crew, Cage’s role looks to be an overdramatic zed and unwarranted effort spin-off of Neeson’s Taken. Cage looks to have a similar set of skills and determination to find his daughter but is over-acting the role. Maybe this movie will have an accidently comedic comedy like the bees scene from The Wicker Man.

Another differentiating aspect of this film from Taken is the fact that Caitlin turns up dead. This is hinted at the end of trailer where Paul is on his knees crying. Paul learns that his daughter’s death was done in retaliation to a crime that Paul committed many years earlier where Paul stole millions of dollars from a Russian mobster. His daughter’s death puts Paul on a path of vengeance and “rage,” hence the title of the film.

Meet the Director

This film was directed by Paco Cabezas, a Spanish screenwriter and film director who began his directing career at the age of 22. This film is his first big break in terms of actors, which also includes Rachel Nichols, Peter Stormare, and Danny Glover. Starting in the underground, Cabezas made his first break into the limelight with his short film titled Carne de neon.

Should You See It?

Ultimately, this is just a revamped spin-off of Taken. The revenge, action thriller has been very overplayed and overdone recently. Just think of Taken 2. The first film was great, but the sequel was considered sloppy, lazy, unnecessary and laughable. The sequel was not nearly as successful or as highly regarded. In terms of Rage, expect the action scenes to be intense and overdone.

I would definitely consider Rage to view as a rental. What is interesting is the fact that Image Entertainment are going to release the film to Video On Demand services on June 10 before it hits limited theaters on July 11. Basically, don’t expect too much from this action crime thriller, and you won’t be left disappointed.

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