One HELLION Of A Movie Trailer

It begins with an intense lineup of dirt bikes, as each small-town adolescent teen waits for the man in the straw cowboy hat to wave the flag…amidst the sound of roaring motors and clapping spectators.  That’s when I immediately thought, “Whoa.  Easy, kids.  Safety first.”

Safety?  No way in Hellion.

However, the thought I had next went something like, “Hey, isn’t that the dude from Breaking Bad?”  In fact, it was.  The full-bearded Aaron Paul makes his first appearance in this ‘thriller drama’ trailer, clapping as he waits for the cowboy hat man to give them the go.

The Evil Synopsis From Hellion

In this movie, Paul plays an emotionally absent father named Hollis, according to IMDB.  As you can see in the trailer, this creates a perfect storm for this not-so-caring dad, because the old lady at the local Child Protective Services Office decides that he’s not much of a positive paternal influence on the younger sib, Wes, played by Deke Garner.

This quick clip of CPS is also shown amongst other footage of kids, doing really bad things like starting a huge fire in a construction site, and also getting into a screaming, kicking scuffle with a police officer.  Quite frankly, I think the younger sib was a bit horrifying.

But this somewhat makes sense, because there’s also another clip of a bunch of adults being absolutely abysmal role models for the older, 13-year-old sibling, Jacob (Josh Wiggins).  Just a guess, but it’s probably not a smart idea to demonstrate to an immature adolescent how to reload and action a Baretta 92, unless on a properly insured gun range.  Gee, I wonder if this is going to play into the plot somewhere down the line. I’m also going to take a wild stab and say that basically 99% of the adults in this town ARE the reason why there’s a roving pack of destructive and defiant teenage boys.

Well, the clips get faster.  The background ambient noises become more intense.  Everything goes wrong for the family, from their sump pump breaking to the police getting more and more involved. Then CPS decides that Wes should probably spend his younger years somewhere other than with his father.

When that happens, Jacob unleashes Hellion.  Crazy things go down when the boy brandishes his ultimatum: he promises to get Wes back.  Oh, and by the way, remember that bit about the handgun?  Well, I think that gets brandished too, as predicted.

First Impression

Apparently the Sundance people liked it, but dudes like film critic Peter Debruge said that the film was limited by the “straightforward psychology” offered in the film.

My first thought within 5 seconds that the trailer ended was, “…riveting.”  I’ll make that my initial assessment of the trailer itself, though I can pretty much tell you exactly what’s going to happen during the first eighty-four minutes of runtime.  “Straightforward” will probably describe it thoroughly.

As for the last clip, I’m still wondering if that kid’s going to do an ‘Evil Knieval’ off some gulch with his lil’ bro clutching the dirt bike seat behind him…riveting indeed.

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