Josh Brolin to play Thanos in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Guardians of the Galaxy has found it’s Thanos. According to Latino-ReviewJosh Brolin will voice the character in James Gunn‘s highly-anticipated film. Variety has since confirmed the news from it’s sources.

Thanos is a major villain the Marvel universe. He first appeared in the post-credits scene in The Avengers, and is expected to appear in the upcoming Avengers sequels.


This is great news since Brolin has not had too much luck with his films as of late. I was really looking forward to Oldboy, but that was rather disappointing. I am excited to see Sin City: A Dame to Kill for, which stars Josh Brolin. He has a great voice, and will do an amazing job as Thanos.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens on August 1.

Do you think Josh Brolin is a good choice for Thanos?

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