Five Shows FOX Cancelled Before Their Prime


5) The Lone Gunmen

Around the time this show premiered, my fandom for X-Files was at its peak. Imagine my pre-teen glee when they announced that the Lone Gunmen were getting their own show. To set itself apart from the main series, The Lone Gunmen concentrated not on the strange and extraterrestrial. It was concerned with more grounded topics such as government and corporate conspiracies, Big Brother surveillance, arms dealers, cheating husbands… True, they were all over the place, but that’s what made it fun.

Straying away from the basic formula of X-Files was probably what turned people off from the series all together. Label it as a spin-off of a super popular network show, and the majority of prospective viewers will likely get turned off once they figure out it’s not what they want it to be. Non X-Files fans were probably turned off by yet another bumbling conspiracy hunting show. Plus, the trend The Lone Gunmen was trying to emulate and continue was already closing to an end by time time 2001 came around. Still, it was barely given a chance with only 13 episodes under its belt, hardy enough time to make an impression. Never stood a chance.

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