Five Shows FOX Cancelled Before Their Prime

Brisco County Jr.

4) The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

It’s a western with hints of science fiction and steampunk starring Bruce Campbell. What more do you really need? Okay, okay, we’ll give you a little more. The show is set in the American West of 1893. The titular character is a Harvard lawyer turned bounty hunter. He’s hired by a bunch of industrialists to track down and capture the outlaw John Bly and company. Elsewhere, a mysterious Orb is discovered by a group of shackled Chinese workers. It gave them supernatural strength, allowing them to set themselves free. Orb pops up in several episodes as the central object of interest that sets off many events during the series run. Series creator and executive producer Carlton Cuse said that the Orb represents faith and that depending on the intentions of those who use it, the object rewards or punishes them accordingly.

Truthfully, the only thing I remember about this show is the theme song, which we hear at just about every award show or other montage that needs sweeping heroic (with a touch of nostalgia) soundtrack. One has to wonder that if Brisco County were on another network, like whatever Hercules was on, it may have lasted longer. From what the internet has shown me, it carries just about as much cheese as Hercules and Xena. But then…we probably wouldn’t get Autolycus.

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