Five Shows FOX Cancelled Before Their Prime


3) FreakyLinks

Despite what you think of The Blair Witch project now, you can’t deny that it started something. The occult genre was in and FreakyLinks was FOX’s way of jumping on the bandwagon. It stars Can’t Hardly Wait star Ethan Embry as the lead. Derek Barnes (Embry), who manages a website featuring stories about the strange and unexplained. After Derek dies under mysterious circumstances, his twin brother Adam (also Embry) takes over the website while investigating exactly what caused Derek’s death. With the help of his friends, Adam seeks out the dark and forbidden truths behind paranormal phenomena and urban legends. Essentially, it’s like Disney’s So Weird, but for grown-ups.

The internet was an interesting time at the start of 2000. Almost everyone had his or her own website centering around their favorite TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and X-Files. Or they followed certain conspiracies and unnatural phenomena. FreakyLinks started out okay. Most of us were tweens at the time so we were either enamored with all the freaky supernatural stuff based around the internet (because it related to us!), or we were too freaked out for the same exact reason.

Thinking on it now, FreakyLinks is a lot like Supernatural, but more technical. If you want to go further than that, it’s a more serious version of “GhostFacers,” a fictional supernatural web series based in Supernatural. If FreakyLinks didn’t take itself too seriously, maybe it would have been more of a success…

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