Five Shows FOX Cancelled Before Their Prime


1) Terra Nova

Terra Nova had a lot of things going for it, in theory. In the distant future, the human population was suffering from a dying planet, families were only allowed a fixed number of children to regulate population growth… Things were looking bad. The show primarily follows a cop, Jim Shannon, his wife Elizabeth, and their three kids. At the beginning of the series, Jim is arrested for breaking the population law and harboring a third child, while Elizabeth and her kids are chosen to flee the present time and live in an alternate past. Jim successfully stows away to rejoin his family. Oh, did we just gloss over the fact that this future has discovered the means to time travel?  Scientists discovered a temporal rift that allowed humans to shift into a “parallel time stream.” They built a gateway to allow “pilgrimages” for a chosen few to start anew and hope for the best. The time? The Cretaceous period. Smack dab in the age of dinosaurs.

Things did get interesting toward the end. The rebellious “Sixers” created their own time machine that could go back and forth in time (the colonists have a one-way portal), this and their alliance with an evil corporation allowed them to create their own private army called the “The Phoenix Group.” Before this army could completely decimate the colonists, Jim travelled back to the future and destroyed the gateway. What happens next?! We’ll never know.

Like we said, this show had a lot of things going for it, in theory… Where it faltered was that it concentrated too much on the internal struggles of one family. Sure they introduce a lot of elements: dinosaurs, a rebelling faction on the brink of tearing down the colony, a tough leader who seemed to sway back and forth between the lines of a respected commander and megalomaniac — exactly like Colonel Miles Quaritch from Avatar but slightly nicer. Hey! It’s the same actor, Stephen Lang, go figure. Despite just these three things, all we can remember is how ineffectively Jim was trying to reconcile with his one of kids for “abandoning” them. And hey, what gives with the lack of dinosaurs? Primal had more dinos than this show.

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