Five Shows FOX Cancelled Before Their Prime

Karl Urban and Almost Human fans wept when they found out that FOX’s latest attempt at a science fiction cop drama was cancelled after only one season. The news was presented the same day as J.J. Abram’s Star Wars major casting announcement in a “I have good news, and I have some bad news” kind of way. The show was not without its flaws, but it had potential. It was the first modern TV show to take an extended look at future human/android relations, a subject we love visiting in movies and books. However, the growth of the characters was slow going, and the increasingly sinister world building was just as sluggish. Slow as they might be, watching Dorian (Michael Ealy) and Kennex (Karl Urban) go back and forth was always hilarious.

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If you tuned in every Monday night, then you were probably aware that the episodes were broadcast out of order. This messed with the subtleties of the characters’ improving relationships, as well as placing one or two events completely out of order. This kind of tomfoolery from FOX is not only their signature move, but it also told us that they practically no faith in the show whatsoever. Fans knew it was a long shot for the show to return, but we at least hoped it would be moved to the Friday time slot so they can answer a few questions: What’s beyond the wall? Exactly what happened to Dorian and his “brothers” that led to their immediate decommissioning? What was Dorian’s terrorist girlfriend really up to?

In the spirit of FOX canceling yet another TV show we love, we decided to take a look back and see what other science fiction dramas they’ve put on the chopping block. Only two of the following series were lucky enough to get a second season, while the rest only made it to one season or less. And we all know story with Firefly, so we won’t reopen that wound.

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