FARGO Episode 7 “Who Shaves The Barber” Recap

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In the last episode, Deputy Molly Solverson was shot and her fate wasn’t revealed. A good many people probably suspect that she lived through the ordeal, but the latest episode in FX’s Fargo series answers the question right off the bat as it opens with Gus in the waiting room of the hospital, hoping to hear news about Molly.

Ok, well, we don’t get answers right away, but we can deduce that since Gus is waiting for someone to give him answers that Molly is at least alive by the time we get to the hospital.

The scene shifts to Lester’s nephew Gordo who is leaving for school with the gun that Lester placed in his bag. As he goes downstairs to head to school, his mother is watching the news where they explain the strange rainfall of fish from the last episode (which was apparently caused by some sort of winter tornado). He goes to school and after the gun falls out of his bag in the classroom, Gordo is arrested and the police head to Chaz Nygaard’s home with a search warrant. The police discover Chaz’s gun cabinet along with the hidden compartment storing an illegal weapon, the hammer used to kill Pearl and the affects that Lester left in there to implicate his brother.

Chief Oswalt is talking with Lester in an interrogation room and tells him what’s what in the case. There’s a bit of exposition here where the Chief takes us through everything that he thinks has happened based on what they’ve found at Chaz’s house. The Chief speaks bluntly about Lester’s relationship with Pearl and talks about the person that Pearl was in high school, something that we heard a little bit about in the first episode in Lester’s encounter with Sam Hess. Lester takes the time to tell the truth, or at least the version of it that replaces him as the perpetrator and puts his brother in his place. Lester smugly gets released from custody and as he walks down the hall to freedom, we hear Chaz yelling at him.


The scene changes back to the snowstorm that we saw in the last episode and we go through the shooting from Molly’s perspective. This leads to Molly waking up in the hospital with Greta and Gus in the room with her. Gus tells her that he was the one that shot her. They banter and Molly waves away his guilty with her easy-going ways. Her father comes to visit and they briefly talk before just turning on the hockey game and getting absorbed in a moment watching it together.

Lester returns home feeling confident that he’s sorted everything out. He makes a call in an attempt to get his house cleaned up and to have the blood scrubbed from his floor. He makes a call and jovially talks to someone but upon the first mention of blood, he’s promptly hung up on. Possibly something that’s foreshadowing that Lester shouldn’t wipe his hands clean of the blood on them just yet.

From here we go to a swimming pool where a swim aerobics class is happening. As the scene plays out, one unfamiliar character is focused in on and it changes over to an office in Reno, Nevada. The new character is now dressed and in an office where Malvo is waiting for him. From the other information provided in previous episodes, we’re led to believe that this is the person from which Malvo gets his assignments. Malvo wants to know who turned the “Fargo Associates” onto him and who he can talk to to get the whole mess sorted out. Threats are made and Malvo promises that the man will either leave in an ambulance or hearse. As Malvo leaves the office, we hear a woman’s scream and never find out which vehicle comes to collect the man.

Molly is up on her feet and visits Mr. Wrench, who’s the deaf “Fargo Associates” partner. She is trying to get more answers to piece everything together and asks him if they were looking for Malvo and if so, who gave them his name. Molly suspects Lester but Mr. Wrench won’t say (or write) anything.

Back at the police station, Chaz is still trying to explain that this has all been a big mistake and that he’s been set up by Lester. He gets moved from his cell to the local prison where he awaits either his trial or bail.


Lester heads back into work at the insurance office in an effort to put the last few days behind him again. He offers to head over to the house of the widow Hess to inform her in person that her claim has been denied due to Sam Hess not paying the premiums. We can definitely deduce that after Lester’s last visit to the house, he has ulterior motives for wanting to return.

Gus once again visits Molly in the hospital and sees her out of bed and back to work in the best way she can for the time being. She’s written out the whole timeline for the Bemijdi crime spree on the window of her room with a whiteboard marker. She walks Gus through everything and lets him arrive at the same conclusion she has after presenting her evidence.

malvo-fargo-ep7We head to Fargo and back to the same restaurant we saw previously except this time we’re seeing it from the outside from the perspective of a couple of FBI agents staking out the place. The restaurant is a local haunt for a group of mobsters that are set up in a building next to it. As the FBI agents talk, we see Malvo walk past them unnoticed with a machine gun. Malvo walks right into the building and opens fire and the scene that plays out is from the outside of the building. We follow the sounds of gunfire and screams as Malvo literally works his way up to where the bosses are located.

After one of the monsters comes flying through a window and onto the pavement, the agents finally notice the chaos and call it in as Malvo makes his escape.

Lester arrives at Mrs. Hess’ house. She is alone and wandering around her home in silk lingerie. She prepares drinks for the both of them and it becomes increasingly obvious that Lester isn’t going to tell her that she’s already been rejected for her claim. He’s going to use the fact that she really wants the insurance money and let her believe that there are things that she could do to help expedite the process. Mrs. Hess is more than happy to entice someone into her corner to help get the money and the scene ends with Lester getting what he wanted out of the visit.

Molly’s father has checked her out of the hospital and is in the process of driving her home to recover there when she asks him to drop her off at the police station to check up on a couple things before going home. She goes in and finds out that they’ve arrested the wrong Nygaard brother and most of the police force is out celebrating. Molly leaves and heads outside where she seemingly succumbs to a panic attack induced by knowing that Lester is still out there and that he has framed his brother for his crimes.

The show has gotten crazy since it all started several weeks ago now. Everything that happens continues to feel like a Coen Brothers production, utterly and completely worth of its associated with the original film. The show continues to play out like an episodical movie, which is how many other showrunners seem to be approaching TV these days (and I’m not complaining). I still can’t quite see where the show is headed and I don’t really have any desire to theorize. I’m really enjoying the twists and turns that Fargo is taking and I hope there is a great payoff for what they’ve built-up so far.

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