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FARGO Episode 7 Recap: The Shooting Aftermath

Aww Jeez, things are getting pretty hectic in Fargo with Lester’s brother Chaz now dealing with what Lester did to him in the last episode.



The episode begins with a somber Gus Grimly in the hospital, perhaps miserable about what happened in the last episode, and in the background we hear Chaz and his wife talking to their son. It’s a bit of a foreshadow to the craziness that happens once their son Gordo heads to school with the backpack that has the gun Lester put in it. When little Gordo heads to school, everything is okay for a while, then while in class two students start wrestling by Gordo and knock his backpack of his desk and the gun slips out into the open. We then see Chaz talking to someone and he gets a call from his wife talking about Gordo having a gun with him and Chaz heads home. Police are all over their house checking everywhere and come across all of Chaz’s guns and the unregistered one. Deputy Oswalt then finds the hammer, picture and pair of Pearl’s panties behind the guns and just like that Chaz is in trouble. Deputy Oswalt calls in Lester to tell him what happened and Lester comes up with a story about Chaz having an affair with his wife and Chaz being the reason why everything happened at Lester’s house. It was pure gold and brilliantly delivered by Martin Freeman and Bob Odenkirk had the best facial expressions throughout the entire scene. As Lester walks out, they pass by where Chaz is being held up and Chaz is screaming his name while Lester has yet another psychotic smile on his face as if he’s enjoying all of this.

MOLLY IS ALIVE!!!! Thank goodness, because she’s awesome. So we see that Molly survived and is in bed when she wakes up and sees Grimly’s daughter. Gus then asks his daughter to leave and when she does, in a nervous way, he admits to Molly that he shot her. We then get a flashback to last weeks episode, during the crazy winter storm, and we see what actually happened during all the shooting. Malvo once again got away. Molly and Gus continue to have the absolute cutest awkward chemistry. As they keep on smiling at each other and just being straight up adorable, Molly’s dad walks in and Gus leaves. A little later in the episode Molly goes to visit Mr. Wrench who is in the same hospital and decides to ask him about Malvo. Mr. Wrench becomes visibly sad and shaken when he learns that Mr. Numbers has died and doesn’t answer any of Molly’s questions.




Lester goes back to work, obviously trying to maintain his normal life, and decides to head to Sam Hess’s widow’s house to deliver her some news and instead of doing what he was suppose to do, he completely has his way with her. He also at one point calls a cleaning service to come clean up all the blood that is still left in his house and as he tells the cleaning person that there’s blood and that it’s a crime scene, they hang up.

Malvo heads to Reno to speak with his “go-between” to find out who exactly he needs to talk too to get all his problems to go away. That guy ends up dying, judging by all the screaming that happens after Malvo leaves. Malvo then heads back to Fargo and into a building full of people who want him dead and begins opening fire and shooting literally everyone in there. All this is happening while, two detectives (played by Key and Peele) are arguing in their car and not hearing what’s happening. Eventually they hear and run out and by then there’s blood and Malvo has left. YET AGAIN WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT! Unbelievable.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital Molly is writing up stuff about the case and trying to piece it all together and Gus walks in with flowers. She tells him what she’s figured out and they continue their cute interactions and her dad shows up again. He takes her home and while she leaves she gets the flowers and smiles at Gus, pretty much telling him “HURRY up and ask me out!” At least that’s probably what we all think. She heads to the police department to tell them everything and when she gets there one of the people who works there told her they had all left to get drinks and celebrate catching Lester’s brother Chaz. She tells Molly the whole story and Molly leaves and stands outside looking completely confused and baffled at how all this went from Lester to his brother Chaz.

The episode ends with us being left wondering how Molly will react further more to all this stuff that developed while in the hospital and will Gus and Molly FINALLY become a couple? What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! What was your favorite part of the episode?



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