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FARGO – Episode 6 Recap

The storm of the century came and caused quite a stir in this week’s episode of Fargo which was quite an intensely emotional episode! Check out episode 5’s recap here.


So, throughout the first half of the episode we are hinted at the arrival of quite a huge storm. The storm of the century and boy was it quite the storm. Right at the beginning of the episode, we are introduced to a few of the real crime folks of Fargo. They seem like a bunch of strange gangsters. They’re in an Asian restaurant, sitting around a table and waiting on their food. The lead guy gets a big plate of whole crispy fish, and it’s quite a weird sight, watching him eat it. He says, “Sam Hess,” and immediately the group of folks stop talking. After one of the guys talks, the lead guy then says, “Dead,” he orders. “Not apprehend. Dead.” “Don’t care extramarital. Don’t care not related. Kill and be killed. In the bag. There’s the message,” he says.

We are then brought back to Don Chumph’s house and Lorne lets him out of the closet he was in. He enlists Chumph to continue helping him with the blackmailing of Stavros, then Chumph wonders why his windows are papered over, asks about the duffle bag, and talks about the deal he’s made with Malvo. He wants a 60-40 split, and because of him being locked in the closet, Malvo broke his trust. Malvo hands Chumph the voice scrambler and tells him to recite this:

Once upon a time there was a little boy, he was born in a field and raised in the woods and he had nothing. In the winter the boy would freeze and in the summer he would boil, he knew the name of every stinging insect. At night he would look at the lights in the houses and he would want: Why was he outside and they’d be in? Why was he so hungry and they fed? It should be me, he said and out of the darkness, the wolves came whispering.

So is Stavros going to fall for this? Will his religious beliefs continue to make him think God is really messing with him for taking that briefcase full of money years ago? After this call, Malvo hits Chumph to knock him out and when he wakes up, he’s been duct-taped on his exercise bike with a big gun in his hand. Malvo goes by the window and we see there’s another gun there and he starts shooting at innocent people walking around outside. We figure out that he pretty much set Chumph up and leaves. More on this later in the recap! We then see Molly heading over to Gus’s house to meet up with him. They have a lot of great dialogue together and the show keeps on hinting at them potentially getting together at some point. They are the two characters on the show who seem to be the most human out of anyone.“When a dog goes rabid, there’s no mistaking it for a normal dog. Us people, we’re supposed to know better, be better,” says Grimly. They go to Phoenix Farms, Stavros’ grocery store, and get nothing out of the visit so then they get some coffee. They see a bunch of cop cars drive by and then someone alerts everyone that there’s some serious war like gun fire going on outside. It’s courtesy of the gun fight going on at Chumph’s house. Since he’s duct-taped to his exercise he can’t move and when the police arrive and ask him or the suspects to get out the house, he can’t move so the cops begin shooting up the place. When they move in closer they hit rope and that triggers the gun Malvo left at the window. They then breach the house and Chumph struggles to yell out “WAIT! WAIT!” before they begin to shoot him as they go in. Malvo is listening to all this happen and once he hears, “suspect is down, repeat, suspect is down,” he feels like he accomplished something awesome and then suddenly Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers hit his car. They begin shooting at him and Malvo gets out and hides behind the car. Malvo somehow escapes all this and walks away and slits his wrist and leaves a trail of blood.

Mr. Numbers sees this trail and follows it and is met with Malvo and gets stabbed with a knife. As Malvo is striking him and making it worse he asks, “WHO? WHO?” and Mr. Numbers says, “Fargo. Fargo,” before Malvo slits his neck. We are then brought back to Stavros who reburies the briefcase with the money and heads to his son. Throughout all this craziness, we have Lester who again figures out a way to get himself out of trouble. He’s turning into quite a little psycho and seems to be enjoying the fact that he can get himself out of trouble. His brother Chazz visits him and pretty much tells him he won’t help him, because he’s been a burden all his life and leaves: “There’s something wrong with you, Lester. There’s something missing. You’re not right in the world.” Lester then escapes from the hospital in a clever way, heads to his house and gets the hammer he used to kill Pearl, takes it to his brothers house, and hides it in the back space of Chazz’s gun stash—and hides a pair of Pearl’s panties and a photo of her with it too. He then takes a gun and hides it in his nephew’s backpack too. Only making things worse for his brother and his brother’s family. As he wants to leave, he hears his sister-in-law and nephew get home. He goes down the stairs and his nephew sees and they share a moment of starring before his nephew turns away and Lester leaves. Lester heads back to the hospital. Again, he gets his way out of trouble. This time by framing his brother. Martin Freeman is really made for this role and he’s making an Emmy case along with pretty much the rest of this glorious cast.


Now, back to the gun fight craziness that was going on… As Molly and Gus are trailing around the area looking for the suspects they find Mr. Numbers. Gus, who looks visibly shaken and nervous by all of this thinks Mr. Numbers is dead and looks up and sees that Molly isn’t around. He wonders what happened and gets up and begins looking for her. The crazy storm is making it hard for anyone to see, and it’s making Gus incredibly nervous, because he doesn’t want to shoot the wrong person or get shot himself. He hears some gun shots and continues walking and when he sees someone coming towards him he fires his gun. When he walks towards the person he shot, he sees that it’s Molly. He’s visibly shaken. Is she really dead? Did he do it or was it Malvo?

Stavros, while on his way to get his son and his friend/henchman, he sees a while mess of fish on the road. Then, he sees an overturned car and his friend/henchman dead on the ground. Fearing the worst he goes to the car and sees that his son is inside also dead. Stavros begins to cry and we see that he’s probably sure that God hasn’t forgiven him for burying the briefcase with money again. At the very end of the episode we see Lester back in the hospital, sitting on the bed and visibly happy. He then does a very weird smile and the episode ends.


Is Lester ever going to get caught? Did Molly really die? What the heck happened to Malvo and Mr. Wrench? Next week’s Fargo is going to be insane again probably!! Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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