FARGO Episode 6 “Buridian’s Ass” Recap

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The latest episode of Fargo opens with a close look at a group of fish in a fish tank. We pan out as one of the fish is removed from the tank and prepared as a meal, all with Japanese music playing in the background. Once the fish is ready, the waiter at the restaurant takes it out. He walks through a completely empty and otherwise closed establishment and arrives at a group of businessmen who begin discussing Sam Hess. The head of the table, clearly the boss, gets an update from one of the other men and gives the kill order for the man responsible for Sam’s death.

We see Donny for the first time since Malvo locked him in his closet. He is miserable and lying uncomfortably on the floor mumbling to himself. Malvo returns and lets him out of the closet and tells him to make the call to Milos. Donny, not happy about the current situation, begins to tell Malvo about how he deserves more of the money for doing all of the legwork in the blackmail deal and suggests a 60/40 split. Malvo ignores him and has him do the call.

Due to a number of reasons including bad meds and general anxiety, Milos is looking pretty terrible. The last few days have really taken their toll on his sanity and he believes that God is punishing him and that his money is cursed. Donny ends the call with Milos, providing a location for the money drop-off, and Malvo begins the process of tying up his loose ends, which in this case is Donny. He knocks him unconscious.

Molly Solverson drives down a snowy road and pays a visit to Gus where they have an exchange about Malvo. They talk about the sighting of Malvo outside the apartment and the encounter that Gus’ neighbour had with him. Molly asks if the neighbour got the license plate of the vehicle and they discover that it’s registered as one of Milos’ company cars.

Lester is awake at the hospital and finds out that the police are holding him. Panicked, he attempts to make a run for it out the window unsuccessfully. Lester’s brother stops by to find out what’s going on and Lester tries to assure him that he’s innocent in all of this. Once again, he’s unsuccessful. Lester’s brother says a few more than hurtful things to him, refuses to stand by him and leaves. Lester then switches places with the other patient in his room, who conveniently has bandages wrapped around his face. The nurse takes him away and thus starts his escape from custody.

Gus and Molly drive through town together discussing Lester and Malvo. They arrive at Milos’ grocery store to talk about the case and specifically to follow up on the car that Malvo had been driving when he staked out Gus’ apartment building. Milos isn’t there and they leave their card and ask that someone give them a call.

Milos arrives at the drop-off point for the money, which is the top of a parking garage, like it was in the Fargo movie. After a couple of flashbacks to how he came into the money with his parents and believes that the memories are a message from God telling him to return the money to where it came from. He leaves the parking garage and when the attendant asks for him to pay, Milos asks, “Do you go to church?” to which the attendant replies “Yes?” and Milos responds “Good, now open the goddamn gate.”

Molly and Gus continue talking about Malvo and about right and wrong.

Donny wakes up duct taped to one of his exercise machines. Malvo has set Donny up to take the fall and to meet his end by the hand of the cops. Malvo fires off a few shots to get the attention of the police and leaves after the police scanner confirms that someone is on the way to investigate.

Lester returns home and heads to the basement to try and get out of his situation by implicating his brother in the murder instead. He arrives at his brother’s house and starts planting evidence, including the murder weapon of Pearl’s belongings such as underwear and saucy photos.

Gus tells Molly the parable that he was told last episode as a storm sets in. Molly’s response to it is “Why didn’t he just do charity or something?” Gus tells her about what he really wanted to be when he was a kid and how he ended up as a police officer instead. They watch as several police cars race past towards Donny and the scene follows them to the house where the cops are evaluating the situation. They give a verbal warning and send in a tactical team. Before the team can reach the front steps, Malvo has rigged a gun to set off shots, causing the cops to spook and to open fire on the house with Donny still strapped to the exercise machine.

Donny somehow manages to not get hit with any of their bullets, but as the team gets closer, they release a flash grenade, kick open the door and see the silhouette of Donny holding a gun and unload another round of bullets, this time directly into Donny, ending his life.

As Malvo drives away into the snowstorm, he gets into a fender bender with the “Fargo Associates” who begin shooting at him. His gun slips away and he works his way to the back of the vehicle in an attempt to survive the encounter. Most of the other officers are tied up with the other shooting so Molly and Gus answer the call for this shooting. The snowstorm is getting worse and visibility is poor. Malvo leads the “Fargo Associates” where he wants to.

Molly and Gus arrive on scene and try to work out what’s going on. Mid-thought, they respond to the sound of more bullets being fired. Malvo kills Mr. Numbers (the “Fargo Associate” played by Adam Goldberg) and walks away. Molly and Gus continue their pursuit. Molly takes the lead and Gus falls behind, hesitant about going after these men without backup. Shots are fired and unable to see what’s going on, Gus fires shots back in a blind panic. A figure falls in the distance and as Gus gets closer, he realizes that the person on the ground is Molly.

Whether she is alive or dead is unclear.

Milos arrives back at the spot where his father found the money all those years ago. He heads into the snow looking crazed and buries the money in the snow. He marks the spot with a red ice scraper. He drives away and drives into a road that has been covered with fish that have fallen from the sky. He gets out of the car and notices an accident that the freak fish fall has caused. The two casualties in the accident are Milos’ bodyguard and Milos’ son.

The final scene in this week’s episode of Fargo is Lester. Having set up his brother to take the fall for his crimes, he returns to the hospital using the same method that he snuck out. We’re left with him smile smugly before the show fades to the credits.

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