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FARGO – Episode 5 Recap

Last week’s Fargo left us with Lester being in a jail cell with Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench and the potential for something insane happening! Check out last week’s Fargo recap here.



The episode begins with Lester at a sports store looking at socks. Specific socks that have one woman and one man sock in them. Lester negotiates with the store seller to get socks and instead he gets a gun also with his socks. Then we are brought to his house with his wife there too. So we can see that it’s a flashback. Then we are brought back to the night he kills his wife, and we now know where he got that gun from. Lorne somehow knew where Lester hid that gun (the bathroom) and found it and that’s how it all began. Also, a piece of the bullet went through Lester’s hand and that’s how he got that small hole that is now infected and completely all bad.

Now we are brought back to Lester being in the jail cell with Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench. Lester is sweating and his hand is getting even worse. Lester pleads with the guys that he had nothing to do with Sam and lets slip that someone was actually the one who did it, and they beg him to tell them who it was. When he doesn’t say it, they put a sock his in his mouth to control the loudness of his screaming and they squish his hurt hand. Lester then tells them it’s Lorne who did it. Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench are let out and Lester still remains in the cell.

Now we are taken to Molly doing some laundry and she says, “no way around it,” and goes to Oswalt. Molly tells him everything she’s figured out so far. They then figure out that Lester actually might have something to do with it. Everything ends up making sense: They think Lester hired Lorne to kill Sam.

Then we are brought to Grimly’s house. Gus tries figuring things out then He asks his daughter to look up the pastor name Lorne used and they find a picture of him on a church website confirming that he is a pastor (although we know that was probably altered and made). Then we see Lorne Malvo buying a police scanner and wants a walkie talkie. Then Lorne goes to the trainers house and asks for his phone. He calls Stavros. Stavros talks about the 10 plaques and everything going on with him, then he tells Lorne to meet him in an hour to get money. He then locks the trainer in the cupboard. Then we are brought back to Lester in the jail cell, completely out of it and hallucinating with Molly and Oswalt standing over him confused. They call an ambulance and they get Lester to the hospital. Molly starts questioning Lester on the way to the hospital. He tells her he never paid Lorne to kill Sam.

Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench get a paper that shows who Lorne Malvo is. Then we see Gus and his neighbor talking to each other about their lives. The neighbor talks about a rich man and all the things he can do to save people. Donate all his money and organs. “Only a fool thinks he can solve the worlds problems.”

Lorne takes Malvo to his grocery store to get money. We are brought back to Molly who goes to visit Lester’s house after being in the hospital waiting on seeing if she can talk to Lester. Molly unscrews the laundry machine and doesn’t find anything. Lorne while with Stavros drives back to Stavros’ house and they nearly hit Gus who is standing where he found Lorne last time. Stavros lets Lorne stay the night, but tells him he’s done with him and gives him what he owes him. Molly calls Gus to talk about the case and what they’ve found out and Lorne drives right up to where Gus is, but Gus hasn’t noticed. Molly sort of asks Gus out on a date, but only to look notes over. But it seems like she just wants to see him again. Lorne sets it up so he can listen to Gus in his house. Gus’s neighbor confronts Lorne to tell him to leave and that he’s not in the right place. Lorne says some of his creepy threats and drives off.

Molly goes back to the hospital to visit Ida who had her baby!! Molly, after seeing the baby, leaves and heads to Lester’s room. She walks in and gives him a serious stare, but Lester has his back to the door and is “sleeping.” She then walks out.


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