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FARGO – Episode 4 Recap

Things are heating up and by the looks of it, Lester is not safe anymore and Malvo is on a mission to ruin things even worse then he already has. Also, check out my Fargo Episode 4 recap here.


The episode begins with a young Stavros, his wife and kid stranded without gas and trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. Stavros begas God for help and when he’s out of the car he sees a truck coming by and waves at it frantically in hopes that it’ll stay and whoever is in there will help, but it drives off. Stavros asks God to help him out and in the distance he sees something sticking out of the icy snow. He walks over to it and takes it out and we see that it’s a suitcase. If you remember from the film Fargo, you’ll know that it’s the suitcase buried by Steve Buscemi‘s character. When he takes the suitcase he goes back inside the car and repeats, “God is real.” Next, we come back to present day when Stavros has a plumber over to check out his shower and see why there was blood in it (he was taking a shower last episode and a lot of blood came down instead of water) and he checks it and says there is nothing dead or anything wrong. He then brings up The Bible and says, “and God sent a plague of blood upon the land,” “better get right with the Lord.” Stavros immediately tells the plumber to leave.

Molly and Gus Grimly continue working together in getting Lorne Malvo and showing everyone that Lester has something to do with everything. Gus gets called to Stavros’s neighborhood on animal patrol and while he’s driving he ends up seeing Lorne standing in the distance starring at Stavros’ house. He finally gets the courage to arrest him and does. He calls Molly and tells her that Lorne has been arrested, so Molly gets on her way to Duluth, after having a moment with Deputy Oswalt who gets mad at her for continuing to involve herself with this case. Lorne changes up his appearance a bit and puts on an act, making it seem like he is indeed a priest and this is all a mistake. The grainy pictures from the security camera in which Lorne is seen dragging the semi naked guy from Episode 1, can’t be him can it? It obviously is, but he’s doing a good job convincing them it isn’t him. They check out his story and see that it’s apparently true and he’s released. The person waiting to pick him up is the workout instructor who had written the blackmail letter for Stavros 2 episodes ago. Lorne has enlisted him to help in all his mischievous stuff.

Molly is still trying to figure things out and now she interviews the owners of the hotel that Lorne stayed at and she sees that he checked in under his actual name. Molly calls Gus and tells him about that and he tries to stop Lorne from leaving. Gus asks Lorne how he is able to lie like he does and he responds by saying, “Do you know why the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color?” Gus meets up with Molly and asks her what Lorne meant and she deciphered that it means avoid becoming prey. Then that’s when Lester comes in.

Lester is still struggling with his hand infection and it looks as if it’s getting so bad that he can’t even gently touch his hand without wincing in pain. Along with his brother, he stops at his house to pick up somethings. He gets a call from Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers and they sound incredibly creepy and ready to find Lester. Later on in the episode, they kidnap him and put him in a trunk and drive off to their usual place where they dump whoever they talk to into the icy water after they make a huge deep hole. While in the trunk Lester calls his brother, who is watching porn and doesn’t really want to be bothered, and tells him he’s been kidnapped. His brother agrees to help out, but Lester finds a stun gun or whatever it was and says no he doesn’t need help and was just joking. So when the truck stops Lester is taken out of the trunk and Mr. Numbers keep asking him if he had anything to do with Sam’s death. He says no, but he doesn’t think he’s telling the truth when suddenly Lester uses the stun gun and runs off while Mr. Wrench is still making a hole and doesn’t notice what happens. He finds a cop and asks him for a ride back into town. The cop doesn’t oblige, but then Lester hits him and gets arrested. He thinks he’s safe now and goes to jail. Mr. Wrench seems like the more normal one out of the both of them, because he truly wants to see if Lester is actually the culprit and that they aren’t wasting time. At the end of the episode, Lester is in jail and after Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench brawl with each other they are also put in jail and ironically it’s the same cell that Lester is in.

We are then brought back to one more moment with Stavros when his supermarket is suddenly infested with crickets. He runs out of his office into the store to see that literally every inch of the place is covered with crickets. Outside we see that Lorne is standing above the supermarket grinning like a madman. Inside, Stavros utters, “God is real.”

What’s going to happen on the next episode of Fargo? Who’s safe and who isn’t? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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