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FARGO – Episode 3 Recap

In this week’s episode it seems like Molly is getting closer and closer to figuring out if Lester Nygaard has involvement in those string of murders. She keeps pushing her way into Lester’s business and trying everything in her will power to make Lester hopefully admit he has some involvement with all of this. In this episode a few things are uncovered and they’re things that will help Molly even more in her quest to figure out Lester’s involvement. Check out episode 2’s recap here.


Major moments of the episode:

1. Molly takes on the case of the naked man who was frozen in the first episode (ran out of Lorne’s car truck) and she uncovers that it was Lorne who did it all. Which helps her out in her quest to get Lester to talk more about everything that happened.

2. Lester returns to work trying to get back to a normal life and gets the job of having to go to Sam’s house to talk to his widow about filling out insurance forms. While there, Sam’s widow Gina starts flirting with Lester and gets incredibly weird with him. Lester obviously feels weird about it, but plays it pretty cool throughout the whole time Gina is throwing herself at him. While Gina is yelling at her sons Lester notices the henchmen, Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench, from last weeks episode starring at the house.

3. Molly got security footage from the moment when Lorne took the semi naked man and put him into his trunk and sneakily shows Lester to get a response and he freezes. Bill Oswalt still tells Molly to stop harassing Lester with questions and continues to believe that Lester had absolutely nothing to do with this.

4. Officer Grimly continues struggling with the fact that he let Lorne go. He does a plate search of the car Lorne was in and finds out that the car belongs to Lester. He then tells the chief that he pretty much let Lorne go and the chief tells him to tells the board what he did wrong. Grimly talks to his daughter and his daughter convinces him to actually go to them rather than call them. When he gets to Duluth’s headquarters he meets up with Molly and tells Molly everything. Molly then gets incredibly excited, because again her theory of Lester having something to do with these string of murders is likely true. They all then go to Molly’s dads diner to have some food and we can see that Molly could be developing a small crush on Grimly.

5. Lorne meets up with the trainer of Stavros’s wife and tells him he knows about the blackmailing and shows the letter. Lorne has a different agenda and seems as if he wants to destroy Stavros instead. We also see Stavros getting medicine and then calling out for his dog and seeing that his dog is actually dead and a note is left next to the dog. That note is another blackmail note made by the trainer who Lorne told to write it.

6. Lester and his brother have a brotherly moment when they head outside and do some shooting with his brother’s gun. Seems as if Lester is trying everything in his will power to get all his frustration, anxiety and fear out.

7. The episode ends with Stavros taking a shower in bloody water.

Next week, Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench seem like they’ll be getting revenge on Lester. The story is picking up at full force and it’s going to be fun seeing what will happen in the rest of the episodes. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!



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