A Live-Action GHOST IN THE SHELL Movie We Deserve

The Ghost in the Shell movie we’ll never see

What would Shirow Masamune’s legendary manga and anime, Ghost in the Shell, look like if it were brought to life as a live-action production today? If it looks anything like Ash Thorp’s Project 2501, then amazing. Thorp and his huge team of artists and put together an homage to the animated movie’s opening title sequence. Unfortunately, there are only pictures of their work of the opening sequence, no video.

CG artist Chris Ford, also involved in Project 2501, explains:

The still frames you see on and this reel is the finished product for now. It is a homage, in high res still-frames, to the original title sequence. Even as stills, doing this in our spare time and across borders, was a really time consuming project. The majority of everyone involved has full-time jobs. There is no way (doing this in our free time) we could have pulled off a full blown cinematic within reasonable/healthy time constraints.

The production travelled to far away locations to shoot parts of the sequence, from San Diego to Singapore, to Poland and back. The results are truly outstanding. Here’s a behind the scenes video of the whole production. Be warned that the model portraying Major Kusanagi is naked in the video. You’ll find all of mind-bending pictures of Project 2501 at

PROJECT 2501 : HOMAGE TO GHOST IN THE SHELL from Ash Thorp on Vimeo.

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