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Romantic drama meets sophisticated wit in the upcoming flick titled Words and Pictures, which is scheduled for a limited release in May of 2014. Already winning over festival goers, this film is set to please audiences everywhere, even just judging by the trailer.

We first meet a successful writer turned English teacher named Jack, whose love of the written word is extremely obvious. He wants to share this love with his students, but they seem to have gotten off of a school bus full of “droids” due to their overwhelming use of social media and modern technology. Can Jack get his class interested in the art of language or will he fail miserably?  Then comes the arrival of the new art teacher, Dina, who has moved from the city to this small town school in order to accommodate an injury that is hindering her ability to keep up with her profession. She believes that art speaks louder than words, which of course brings us to the impending collision between herself and Jack.

The idea that opposites attract is clearly evident between Jack and Dina, as the two begin to bond and flirt, bringing them closer to truly understanding each other. However, Jack is on the brink of losing his job due to his carefree approach towards teaching and a drinking problem. The rest of the film plays out by bringing Jack and Dina to a peak at which their relationship could be the making or breaking point for both of them.

Clive Owen (Jack) and Juliette Binoche (Dina) are a perfect match for these characters, and their onscreen chemistry is quite noticeable. They bring an added layer of human emotion that seems to really connect them to the audience. You feel as if you can relate to their struggles and they do a great job at developing their characters so that you feel the connection immediately.  The rest of the cast in the trailer looks superb as well. They are setting the scene for the two lead characters to thrive, and they do a great job at supporting the story, allowing the audience to see even farther into the plot.


The only real problem with this movie is that the trailer gives away too much information. After watching it, you almost feel as if you can work the rest of the details out for yourself without even seeing the entire film. They could have left a bit more to the imagination, creating more intrigue that would force the potential audience to go and view the movie in it’s entirety. Sometimes, the less-is-more approach is the best way to go.

Other than the trailer being a bit too informative, Words and Pictures looks extremely promising. The story is simple enough, yet still original, which gives the actors a great canvas to really transform their characters into their fullest potential. The blend of romance, drama and comedy also presents the characters with a full range of human emotion, which will make the audience connection truly powerful.

Final verdict: Do your research to find a theater near you that is screening this film, take your date and go see it!

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