Online Streaming – 4 apps to help Extreme Your Experience

Every one loves online streaming, right?  Of course you do.  I know and you know it.  It seems like everyone I come in contact with has some type of online streaming service.  Usually it’s a Netflix and Hulu Plus.  Once in a while I do run into a cord cutter extremist that have Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle and whole bunch of other services.  Whatever way you use, these apps will make your experience a little bit more pleasurable.

Here is our list of the 4 apps to get the most out of your online streaming experience:

1. HitBliss

Watch Movies and TV Shows Online   HitBliss

HitBliss is blissfully good.  Sorry for the pun.  HitBliss is fairly new and it’s well worth a try.  It’s a totally free app with rewards.  All you have to is go through a few ads and build up your account.  It maxes out at $6.00 but you’ll find out quickly, that is more than enough.  Don’t worry. You don’t have to go through too many ads.  Your account will build up quick.  So what does it do?  It gives you access to free movie and TV show rentals through Amazon streaming.  Not the entire Amazon library but enough to warrant downloading the app.  Critically acclaimed movies like “Frozen”, “Captain Phillips”, and “Dallas Buyers Club.  TV shows like “The Walking Dead”, “Sons Of Anarchy”, and “Breaking Bad”.  The most you will have to pay is tax on the rental.  I rented “The Book Thief” for $0.05.  You may be able to rent without paying tax depending on the state you live in.  HitBliss also gives you the opportunity to use the money you earn towards a Pandora One subscription.  That’s right.  No more pesky ads to interrupt you while you’re trying to enjoy your music channel.  The subscription will automatically renew as long as you have the funds in your HitBliss account.  Right now the app is only available for download on your Mac or PC with mobile apps in the works.  www.hitbliss.com

2. Can I Stream It

Can I Stream.It   Search Netflix  Hulu  Google Play  iTunes  and more  for movies to stream instantly  rent  and buy.

Have you ever randomly thought of a movie and wondered if it was available to watch right now?  I know I have.  Can I Stream It puts an end to wondering.  Just type in the movie or TV show you’re looking for and Can I Stream It will let you know where it is streaming.  For instance, I had a sudden urge to watch “The Breakfast Club”.  I typed it in the search field and found it was available to stream on Netflix.  The app searches through Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, HitBliss, Crackle, Redbox Instant, YouTube, Epix, Streampix,  SnagFilms, and a lot more to make sure if it’s out there, they’ll find it.  If it’s streaming, whether it be free or rental, it’ll pop up.  Can I Stream It is available on mobile as well as well as on www.canistream.it

3. Hola

Hola – Access ALL of the web  free VPN    faster browsing

Hola is a great free browser extension that allows you to visit websites that are blocked in your country. You may be asking how this improves online streaming. The answer is that you can access every countries version of Netflix, which each have their own library of streaming movies and TV content. The extensions works on all browsers and mobile browsers. Hola uses VPN to access the otherwise blocked sites and actually comes with other great benefits like better privacy and faster internet speeds. Hola is a great combo with Google Chromecast so you can beam what you are watching on your browser or mobile to your TV. Visit Hola.org for more info.

4. InstantWatcher

instantwatcher.com   Streaming Movies and TV to watch instantly on Netflix

Take your online streaming to the next level by improving your Netflix search. InstantWatcher uses Netflix’s API to help you search the catalog of streaming titles more efficiently and painlessly. An added bonus of InstantWatcher is that you can play or add a movie to your queue directly from the site. Visit InstantWatcher.com for more info.

What are apps that you recommend to maximize your online streaming?

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