Movie Trailer: LUCY Featuring Scarlett Johansson

Lucy is the newest film from acclaimed French writer-director Luc Besson.  Besson is known for writing and directing films that feature strong female characters such as The Fifth Element and La Femme Nikita; Lucy is certainly no exception.

Lucy stars the stunning Scarlett Johansson as the film’s heroine, Lucy.  The trailer opens up with a glimpse into Lucy’s regular life: staying out late, partying, and getting completely blitzed with her friends.  We wake up with Lucy one morning after she can’t remember what she did the previous night.  As she pulls herself up, she sees that her stomach is bandaged.  Suddenly, the mob bursts into her room and tells her the worst thing she could possibly hear: they planted drugs inside of her stomach and are planning to use her as a drug mule.

On her journey, she is attacked by one of her captors so viciously that the bag of drugs planted inside her stomach releases itself into her body.  Of course, this release of drugs in her body allows her to develop superpowers to be the heroine Besson always wanted.  Lucy starts to kick butt as she eventually learns how to defeat her captors and explore the possibility that there’s more to her brain than she ever realized.

Of course, Morgan Freeman makes an appearance as a brilliant college professor (Professor Norman) who specializes in the power of the brain and how its full potential isn’t being used.  In front of a large classroom, he asks his students: “What if humans were only using ten percent of their brains?”  This is just the question that appeals to Lucy as she reaches out to Professor Norman in her quest for knowledge and self-exploration.

Professor Norman and Lucy work together in attempt to predict her superpowers and how she will be able to use them against the mob.  Professor Norman warns Lucy that no one has ever accessed a full one hundred percent of their brain’s power before, and that the human race might not be ready for the secrets that would unleash.  Throughout the rest of the trailer, we see Lucy using her powers and gaining more and more knowledge as she somewhat loses touch with reality and what it means to be a human being walking alongside other humans. She can now pull rooms apart, filter water from ulpa filters using her mind, or control everyone in the room. She starts empathizing more with technology and logic than her own human emotions.  What we don’t know is whether or not she ever reaches the full one hundred percent or if she ends up ultimately prevailing over her captors.

Lucy looks like an entertaining action-thriller film that will get your blood pumping and your brain spinning as you plunge into the journey with our heroine.  Though the movie seems vaguely reminiscent of Limitless, Besson still seems to give it a fresh take that will be sure to delight whomever goes to see the film.

You can catch Lucy in theaters on August 8th.  Until then, guard your stomach to protect yourself from getting turned into an accidental drug mule.  Or, just guard your drink.

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