New Trailer for THE LOVE PUNCH with Pierce Bronsnan and Emma Thompson

The Love Punch tells the story of a divorced couple who must work together to reclaim their stolen money. Who says you can’t work with your ex?  Starring Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Timothy Spall and Celia Imrie, the movie has a talented cast to share its story.

In its recently released trailer,  The Love Punch begins when Kate (Thompson) and Richard (Brosnan), a divorced couple whose money is invested in the same company, discover that new management has wiped all of their retirement funds. The pair decides to go to Paris to get their money back and their scheme spirals out of control from there.  Meanwhile, they discover that the City of Love may be having an effect on the way they view each other — though their friends’ constant nagging certainly doesn’t help.

The plot of The Love Punch looks to be a bit cheesy — a man and women with some serious unresolved sexual tension working together to achieve their goals. It seems a bit predictable, since it is a romantic comedy, with a bit of absurdity — they’re going to steal a diamond to get their money back? Additionally, the fact that there are numerous clips with Brosnan and Thompson kissing shows that they will inevitably end up together at some point (big surprise).

That being said, the cast looks to be the saving grace of this film. Brosnan, who still looks as good now as he did during his James Bond days, has enough charm and charisma to pull off the part. Thompson, who also looks very good for her age, is a wonderful comedic actress whose Shakespearean roots only solidify her acting skills. With Spall and Imrie as friends and accomplices, the cast alone will surely make The Love Punch enjoyable.

Another great aspect of this movie is it was shot on location, most notably in Paris and Coye-la-Forêt. There are no cheesy green screens in this film; instead you’ll see the city’s famous landmarks in this movie. As the characters drive around in their tiny smart car — no worrying about Mustang Exhaust Systems for them — you can see shots of French cafés, the River Seine and of course, the Eiffel Tower.

While the plot appears to be a bit trite, there is something entertaining about middle-aged people frantically trying to perform a heist ala Ocean’s 11, sunglasses included. After all, they attempt to climb cliffs while wearing their scuba gear — including the flippers! With shenanigans involving misfired guns and Western accents, it looks like there will be plenty to keep viewers entertained during the movie.

The Love Punch seems to be another typical addition to the romantic comedy genre. Despite this, it looks to have some entertainment value for those who don’t want a movie that takes itself too seriously. With Brosnan, Thompson, Spall and Imrie in the cast, the movie is definitely going to have plenty of comedic moments. Although the movie is slated for limited release on May 23, there is a chance the movie will be picked up for a full release this summer. The Love Punch has a lot of potential, so there’s no harm in checking to see if it’ll be released in your local theater.

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