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Gobbledygeek: Episode 180 – The comiXology Ludology

The Debatable Podcast‘s Greg Sahadachny has bullied his way onto another podcast. This time, he forces Paul and AJ to discuss storytelling in video games, and whether or not harder games are more fulfilling than easy ones. Throughout this, the words “ludology” and “narratology” are bandied about as if anyone involved has the faintest idea of what they mean. Before the games discussion, the gang talks about Amazon’s acquisition of comiXology and what that might mean for the world’s premiere platform for digital comics; after, they get into this week’s shocking Game of Thrones and–of course–the nature of spoilers.

Some helpful links to aid in your enjoyment of this week’s episode!

Letter from comiXology CEO

“comiXology, Amazon Look Forward to ‘Huge Potential’ Post-Acquisition” by Albert Ching, Comic Book Resources

“COMICSPRO Issues Strongly-Worded Response to AMAZON’s COMIXOLOGY Acquisition” by Lucas Siegel, Newsarama”

“Will Comixology go the way of Audible or Zappos?” by Heidi MacDonald, The Beat

“Comixology Submit Update” by Ryan Estrada

“Comixology tells customers their comics are safe after Amazon acquisition” by Alex Hern, The Guardian

“Digital Comics Platform ComiXology Bought by Amazon” by Graeme McMillan, The Hollywood Reporter

“Amazon’s ComiXology Acquisition Has Some Readers Concerned” by Matt Hickey, Forbes

“Amazon buys popular comic book app platform Comixology” by Ben Gilbert, Engadget

“Is Dark Souls the Future of Videogame Storytelling?”

“Why Are Hard Games Better Than Easy Games?”

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For the first time in a while, the Geek Challenge rears its challenge-y head.

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