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FARGO – Episode 2 Recap

Last week’s Fargo did a lovely job introducing a lot of the characters of the show, and this week, we see more new characters amongst the developing storyline. (SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW! WARNING!) Check out the recap for Fargo‘s first episode.

This week’s episode focused a lot on Lester Nygaard and the fall out from what happened in last weeks episode. As you may recall, he killed his wife, and Lorne killed Verne and Sam. Now Molly thinks Lester seriously had something to do with the murders, and throughout this episode she keeps on pestering Lester into answering questions. Deputy Bill Oswalt is now the main guy in charge, and he keeps on insisting that Lester had nothing to do with any of the murders and that he’s a good guy who needs to be left alone to grieve. Molly has a hard time adjusting to Oswalt in charge, but still manages to do her own thing.

In the beginning of the episode we meet two new guys, played Adam Goldberg and Russell Harvard, who have the coolest introduction ever. They start signing to each other, while talking to one of Sam’s guys. They seem like henchmen, but henchmen you’d like to be friends with.




Instead of recapping the episode in its entirety, here are the main points in this weeks episode:

1. There’s no library anywhere. This is uttered at one point in the episode and I feel like it’ll play a big role in something later in the season.

2. Officer Grimly seems like he has a crush on his neighbor and it looks like the feeling is mutual. (Even though she’s got a family of her own). At one point she takes her robe off and stands half naked by her window as Officer Grimly stares in shock. Also, we get good moments between him and his daughter, which shows that he’s a really great single dad.

3. Lorne gets an ID that makes him out to be a priest by the look of his picture.

4. We also get introduced to Stavros Milos, who is dubbed “The Supermarket King,” and he hires Lorne to help figure out who is blackmailer is. He gives Lorne a note and tells him to go and find the blackmailer. Lorne ends up at Stavros’ wife’s house, and when he shakes the hand of the wife’s trainer he gets some bronze on him—and it turns out that the bronze is used in the blackmailer letter too.

5. Officer Grimly sort of figures out that Lorne is probably the main guy the police are looking for and it begins to bug him that he let Lorne go.

6. The two henchmen from the beginning episode, Numbers and Wrench, go on a mission to find the person who killed Sam and they find a guy who they think did it, but it ends up being the wrong guy and instead of letting him go they throw him down into the icy water after making a huge hole that he’ll fit into.

7. Stavros’ lead henchman goes to Lorne and starts to threaten him, and Lorne shows absolutely no scared reaction to any of it. In fact he sits on the toilet and begins reading Stavros’ book while the henchmen watches.

8. Lester decides to stay with his brother instead of staying at his home. One night he goes to the drug store to get some medication for his hand that hurts, and Molly finds him there and begins interrogating him with questions. Lester visibly becomes overwhelmed and leaves without his meds, and we see he’s driving his wife Pearl’s car—and we also see that Pearl had an obsession with stuffed animals.

9. Bill Oswalt meets Molly at her dad’s diner, and tells her that Lester called him and told him how pushy Molly was being and Bill tells Molly she’s off the case. Bill continues to blame all the murders and problems on coincidence.


Phew! Lots of things happened in this episode! Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! Are you guys enjoying this Fargo TV series?


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