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FARGO “The Crocodile’s Dilemma” Premiere Episode Recap

Aww Jeez, the premiere of FX’s Fargo has come and it delivered just what you’d expect from a show that’s based on the film. Blood….blood…and more blood, along with an epic Billy Bob Thornton haircut. Seriously, it’s something special and completely adds to his character…..but back to the show, it’s based on the Coen Brother’s classic film, with a whole new cast and new situations. It’s said to be the next series of craziness after what happened in the film. One of the great things about this series is that is sticks to the Coen Brother’s theme from the film with the vast amount of snow and plain scenery, awesome quirky characters and weird murders!

This premiere episode did a great job in introducing many of the characters we will be seeing throughout the 10 part series. It’s got a cast that completely delivers especially Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton. Martin Freeman is so believable with the Minnesotan accent that I literally almost forgot he’s British (yeah he’s British for those of you who didn’t know!). Billy Bob Thornton and his awesome haircut are so creepy and great that he just might show up in your nightmares! Now, to recap the show in general:

We get introduced to Billy Bob Thornton’s character Lorne Malvo first in the beginning as he’s driving his car and hits a deer causing a crazy crash. Then we see a semi naked man hop out of his trunk and run away. Lorne gets up and goes over to the deer and gives it a creepy look. Then we get introduced to Martin Freeman’s character Lester Nygaard and his nagging wife Pearl. She’s just annoyingly making Lester feel awful, because of all his shortcomings. We also see him get annoyed with their washing machine that sounds like it’s not working. Lester is an insurance salesman who by all the nagging from his wife, is not a very good. At one point, Lester is by himself and suddenly we meet Sam Hess, who begins to pester Lester and brings up childhood stuff including hooking up with his now wife. He’s also trying to make his two moron kids proud. Then as Sam raises his fist and acts as if he is really going to punch Lester, he moves quick and Lester turns around so fast that he hit his face into a window and ends up in a hospital waiting room……and to his left is Lorne.



Lorne asks Lester what happened and Lester proclaims that it was a misunderstanding. They continue to have a conversation when Lester brings up Sam and the past and all the bullying Sam would do to him. Lorne then out of the blue offers to kill Sam. Lester, obviously caught off guard and creeped out, thinks Lorne is joking but he actually isn’t. As one of the nurses continuously calls Lester’s name, Lorne tells Lester that it’s a simple yes or no to kill Sam. Lester doesn’t give him a legit answer. We see Lorne giving Lester a look that proves that he’s going to most likely kill Sam. We then meet Molly and Vern, police officers for the Bemidji police department. Molly finds the car Lorne abandoned on the side of the road and then Vern checks the trunk and they see the deer Lorne hit inside of it. They then start to look at the footprints that were left at the scene and they end up finding the naked man completely frozen and dead. Molly seems like she[‘s just learning the ins and outs of being a police officer by writing down everything and all the advice she gets from Vern. Vern also does a good job helping her realize she’s going to be a good police offier. We also see Vern with his wife who is pregnant. They seem to be having a hard time picking out a color for the nursery and they have a really cute relationship. 




Lorne actually goes to visit Sam at his garage and the entire exchange is one of the most awkward things ever. He has a conversation with Sam’s sons at first and completely creeps them out, then Sam comes down with some other guys and threatens Lorne since he looks as if he’s weird. Lorne criticizes Sam’s son’s and Sam restraints himself although he wants to hurt Lorne. Sam asks Lorne for the 90th time why he’s here and Lorne says he just wanted to get a look at him and leaves. Now, to one of the biggest moments from the premiere…when Sam visits a gentleman’s club he grabs one of the women and takes them to the back. They begin to get it on, and then we suddenly see Lorne in the frame and then Sam begins spitting out blood on the stripper. He then collapses on top of her and we see that Lorne stabbed him in the head. Molly, Verne and we get introduced to Deputy Bill Oswalt played by Bob Odenkirk, who seems to be one of those officers who can’t stand blood or guts or gore get to the scene.

Lester and his wife then go to visit his more successful brother, sister-in-law and weird son. The sister-in-law and the brother keep talking about how much success they have and Lester sits there in awkwardness as his wife Pearl keeps making Lester feel like a moron for not being as successful. Also, whenever someone asks Lester what happened to his face he keeps saying he tripped on a wet spot by the police station. Lester and his brother (Chaz) then go downstairs and Chaz shows Lester all his guns and a huge machine gun that he isn’t aloud to have. Lester takes the machine gun then accidentally drops it breaking it. Chaz then gets tells Lester that he’s an incredible screw up and he’s always been like this. Then we see Pearl and Lester in their car driving home and Pearl continues to belittle Lester and we find out that he and Chaz got into an argument that resulted in Lester slapping his brother Chaz.
fargo sons
Molly begins piecing together the deaths of the semi naked dead man (who jumped out of Lorne’s trunk) and Sam’s death. Molly shows just how much potential she has as an officer by doing really great investigative work. Molly and Verne go to Sam’s house after all of that and they meet Sam’s wife played by Kate Walsh, who is an ex stripper and seems to be distraught and not too caring about her husbands death. Lorne then calls the house and the older son of Sam picks up the phone and Lorne says he’s the estate attorney and tells him that the youngest son Moe is too get everything, because Sam left everything to him and that he was his favorite son. Older brother Mickey, angry, leads his brother outside and begins to beat him up with a hockey stick. Molly runs out and tackles Mickey to get him to stop.

Lester eventually finds out about Sam’s death and becomes visibly shaken. He meets up with Lorne in a diner and lashes out at him. Lorne reminds him that he never told him not to kill Sam. Lorne tells Lester to start to stand up for himself from now on. Lester then goes home and we see that he begins to fix up the washing machine that was bugging him earlier in the episode. His wife joins him downstairs and Lester tells Pearl to turn on the washing machine to test it out then smokes starts coming out of it and it isn’t fixed. Immediately after that Pearl begins yelling at him, saying he’s useless pretty much and also pretty much stating he isn’t a man and insults his skills in bed. He then grabs a hammer and Pearl seems pretty sure he won’t actually hit her with it and then suddenly he hits her right on the head with the hammer. Not only does he hit her head, but he begins to beat her with it several times. Lester then sees what he did and begins to panic. He’s got a mixture of panic and happiness and he’s incredibly jumpy. He calls Lorne to tell him what he did and Lorne says he’ll come to his house. Lester starts to grab a gun and practices what he’ll say to Lorne when the door rings and it’s Verne! He said he had told Molly he’d go to Lester’s house after Molly had called Verne and told him that someone had overheard him talking about Sam with Lorne at the hospital wait room. Verne starts questioning Lester about Sam and Lester also says that his wife will be home soon and then Verne spots a trail of blood and tells Lester to get down. Verne finds Pearl downstairs and then suddenly Lorne shows up and shoots Verne down. Lester then gets frantic again and Lorne goes downstairs to find Pearl. Suddenly Molly shows up, because just before Verne got shot he called for backup. Lester runs downstairs and sees that Lorne disappeared. Molly sees Verne dead on the floor and runs in and calls for more backup. Molly then says, whoever is down there come up…and Lester suddenly realizes that he should run head first into the wall to make himself look like he was also attacked. After more police show up, Molly walks outside and sees that Verne had picked up some paint to paint the nursery at home. Molly then goes to Verne’s house and his wife runs out and realizes that he has died and becomes overwhelmed.
fargo 3
We then see  Officer Grimly, played by Colin Hanks, who is talking to his daughter over a walkie talkie in his cop car and then we see a car drive by him and he follows that car. He gets up to the car and we see that it’s Lorne who by the looks of it made an epic escape from Lester’s house. Lorne then tells Officer Grimly that he should let him go, because he should go back to his daughter (who is on the police radio again) and if he doesn’t then something will happen to him. Officer Grimly then lets him go, because of how creepily Lorne was starring at him I think. Then we see him get back into his police car and look visibly shaken. Next up we get a scene of Lester in the hospital with a small hole in his hand. Then we get to a moment with Molly and her father and her father offers her a job at his restaurant, but she declines. AND THAT’S THAT! The whole series looks like it’ll be even more epic! Did you guys enjoy the premiere? Comment in the comments section below with your thoughts!
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