DUNE Desert Planet Recreated with Gummy Worms

You’ve never seen Frank Herbert’s Dune like this before. The planet of Arrakis has been recreated by CandyWearhouse with gummy worms.

This is one of the most memorable aspects of Dune. The continuous thumping and the amazing score for David Lynch’s movie haunted my childhood with visions of gigantic worms coming out of the sand to kill me. Now that the worms have been made into worms I am more no longer scared, now I’m craving gummy worms.

Here is a description of the scene:

Crafted from a 2-foot-long gummy worm, Haribo gummy bears, black licorice string, yellow sprinkles, and rock candy crystals! A scene from the great science fiction novel Dune by Frank Herbert. Here we see the giant gummy worm on the desert planet of Arrakis. Ridden by the powerful gummy bear Paul Atreides as he seeks to control the prescious “spice” melange, which gives those who ingest it extended life and some prescient awareness. Muad’Dib!

Check out the cool photos:






I love Haribo gummy worms, and this is one of the most creative uses of them I’ve seen.

What do you think of these Dune gummy worms?

Source: io9


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