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Fans of The SopranosJames Gandolfini are likely to be interested in The Drop, the final movie Gandolfini made before he died unexpectedly last summer. Judging by the trailer, it looks like he will be playing the type of character he played best: a soft spoken Mafioso. This time though, he is from Brooklyn, not New Jersey, and I suspect elements of Tony Soprano will still manage to shine through somehow.

In the film, Cousin Marv, played by Gandolfini, owns a bar that local criminal organizations use to launder money. Tom Hardy plays Bob Saginowski, tender/partner in crime who works at Cousin Marv’s bar. When the bar gets robbed by some masked men, Bob and Cousin Marv find themselves on the hook for the lost money. Somewhere along the way Bob gets a puppy and a girl, Nadia, played by Noomi Rapace, who you might remember from Prometheus.

Nadia and Bob appear to have that classic mob movie relationship where he spends most of the movie saying things like, “Don’t worry baby, I’m not a crook anymore. I’ve changed. Look, I even have a puppy now.” And for some reason she goes along with it until it becomes so obvious that not even Tom Hardy’s charm can keep fooling her. My bet is that Nadia will spot some of the blood money—I don’t mean that metaphorically, watch the trailer, there is cash literally speckled with blood—Bob spends so much time handling.

Not the Leading Man

I should say if you’re checking this movie out just for Gandolfini, you might be a little disappointed to learn he isn’t the lead. It appears Hardy—who plays the character with the love interest, the dog and the aspirations to leave the criminal world—is actually the main character. The trailer is cut in such a way that overstates Gandolfini’s role, perhaps because it is his last one. He will have a big part no doubt—after all, The Drop refers to the bar named after Cousin Marv, his character—but the film revolves around Hardy.

But if the casting isn’t enough to entice you, the screenplay should. It was written by Dennis Lehane, the author of Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, Shutter Island and three episodes of The Wire, which should catch your attention if you like your plots as complex and nuanced as your characters.

The trailer doesn’t delve much into what exactly the plot of the movie is beyond Bob and his relationship with his dog, Cousin Marv, Nadia and the bag of bloody cash. I’m not one hundred percent sure what money laundering involves and it looks like I won’t have much better of an idea after watching The Drop. Going by the trailer, it seems like it’s mostly hiding unmarked envelopes and parcels under tables and in secret compartments and I’m not sure why the mafia would need a special place to do that.

Get to the Good Part

But you know what? I hope The Drop doesn’t get much more technical than these brief glimpses of stuffing cash away, because a movie strictly about finance could be very dull. Unless it’s something like The Wolf of Wall Street, which focuses more on the outrageous lifestyle than the nuts and bolts of the business, you don’t see too many movies made about things like accounting, loans or short sale services—and with good reason.

Luckily, the trailer shows The Drop is interested in more traditional mob movie moments: robberies, executions, and dramatic interior shots of churches. And hey, if Tony Soprano is there—even if he isn’t the lead—then there’s a decent chance those moments will be done pretty well.

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