Winter Soldier, Marvel Gold – What’s Next for The Winter Soldier?

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Spoilers ahead guys, watch out.

Still here? All right here we go. Captain America The Winter Soldier is almost out in theatres and already it has received wide critical acclaim. This is part to the fantastic storyline and the latest introductions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sam Wilson and the Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes are now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the view looks a lot more interesting with them in it, especially the Winter Soldier and if you’re interested I’ll explain to you why.

As the credits roll on Captain America The Winter Soldier we are left with one important question, where will Bucky go from here? There are many answers to this, he could be in The Avengers Age Of Ultron, he could be the focus of the next Captain America movie or my personal favourite, he could star in his own stand alone movie. Think about it, really think about it, Marvel now has its own broody, complicated young/old anti-hero with a dark past, sound familiar? It should be because that is Wolverine aka Fox’s cash cow. The biggest problem with Wolverine and the X-Men franchise is that Fox don’t have the balls to represent the true essence of the characters, Marvel go with costumes, they go with the absurd(and it  works) and most of all they get continuity between their movies which is another problem that Fox has.  Now that Captain America The Winter Soldier has wrapped I think it’s time to think where Winter Soldier can go. We know Sebastian Stan has signed up for six movies but  we don’t know what role he will have in each of these movies, though to be fair at least one of these movies has to be a solo adventure for the Winter Soldier.

What else is great is that with the Winter Soldier there are so many avenues to explore . For example we could have movie all about him finding out  his  past, discovering his villain origin. With fifty years of red on his ledger there are a lot of stories to be created with the Winter Soldier as the titular hero. His supporting cast could easily have Captain America in a minor role, Black Widow as a soul mate of sorts who understands what it is like to be used as a weapon. With Marvel  helming it, a Winter Soldier movie could be a story just set in the Marvel Universe. It doesn’t have to go anywhere except that it fleshes out one of its new shiny assets to  be placed further in the grander scheme of  things down the line. There is a chance here to  tell a dark, deep character driven story about a guy just looking to redeem himself, to try and figure out who  and what he is.

Then there is the ultimate pay-off, something that could change the Marvel Universe forever and with Captain America The Winter Soldier already shattering the current Marvel Universe with its betrayals, its revelations and its ever expanding cast of characters the bar has been placed high. What I am talking about is the Winter Soldier becomes Captain America, that’s right Bucky takes on the shield after Steve steps down or dies. I know what you’re thinking, Marvel will never kill off one of it’s big guns and I was like you I thought the same thing then I saw Captain America The Winter Soldier. Sebastian Stan is  young, an inspired choice  to play Bucky Barnes and has a lot of potential to go far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans already planing what to do once their contracts run out I think it’s time to think about some new blood in the team but  I think Marvel have already got it  in hand. I enjoyed writing this article and I hope you enjoyed reading it, the Winter Soldier was a particular highlight for me in Captain America The Winter Soldier and I can’t wait to see where the Winter Soldier pops up next.

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