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Opening in theaters on April 11, 2014, Oculus is a horror film focused on the Russell family. The stars of this thrilling movie are Karen Gillian as Kaylie Russiell, Katee Sackhoff as Marie Russell, Brenton Thwaites as Tim Russell, James Lafferty as Michael Russell, Rory Cochrane as Alan Russell, Annalise Basso as Young Kaylie Russell, Garrett Ryan as Young Tim Russell and Miguel Sandoval as Dr. Graham. This film is based on the screenplay by Mike Flanagan, Jeff Howard and Jeff Seldon and was directed by Mike Flanagan.

The premise of Oculus is focused on paranormal activity set loose from the Lasser Glass mirror in the Russell home. 10 years ago, Tim, Kaylie and their parents moved into a new house with the newly purchased mirror. One tragic night, Tim and Kaylie’s parents were brutally murdered and Tim was charged with the crime. The film then turns to present day when Tim is being released. Meanwhile, Kaylie has retrieved the paranormal, haunted mirror to vindicate her brother by proving the mirror has caused more than 40 deaths prior to the Russell family.

Kaylee has set up a room with cameras focused on the mirror, trying to capture footage of the mirror’s haunting capabilities to prove her brother did not murder their parents. The siblings endure traumatizing flashbacks of their childhood and struggle to cope with the paranormal trickery unleashed through a super natural force within the mirror. The mirror skews what they are really seeing and makes it hard for Kaylie and Tim to distinguish between truth and deception.

Upon watching the trailer, I was confused as to the basic plot of the film. Initially, I thought that Tim was leaving an alcohol rehab center, not a prison, and it appeared that his father had killed his mother and was now after the children. I had to read a few more movie descriptions and re-watch the trailer to understand the plot fully. The trailer could have been clearer.

With just a handful of reviews submitted, Rotten Tomatoes reports an average rating of 8.6 on this movie. Note, this is the rating prior to the release date, with 93% of the audience excited to see this film.

If you love Paranormal Activity I think this movie will be one you’ll want to see. This movie doesn’t seem as scary; it seems to aim to be spooky rather than horrifying. Oculus isn’t scary like Jason or Freddy Crooger, but it will creep you out. The movie poster is chilling and offers insight to the movie regarding what the mirror shows the people who encounter it. It is real or imaginary? The trailer leaves you with an eerie feeling and it is definitely intriguing. It leaves you wanting to know more and to understand what the story is behind that haunting mirror.

Be sure to check your local theaters on April 11 to view it on opening day and be the first to know the mystery behind the glass mirror in Oculus.


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