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THE WALKING DEAD “Us” Episode Recap…..claimed!

The end is near you guys! This week’s episode set things up for what will be an epic season finale next sunday! This week’s episode focused on a reunion we were all waiting to see along with some tears, blood shed, another cute Michonne & Carl moment again, TERMINUS and the set up for next weeks season finale. Also, we still continue to wonder and ask the question….where is Beth?


The episode started off with Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Glenn and Tara and what they were up too. We get plenty of talking from Eugene who normally doesn’t talk to much. He seems to be completely into Tara and only keeps talking to her. We got a moment at night where Tara was keeping watch and Abraham joined her and spilled that he thought she was in love with Glenn, but then realized she’d been looking down Rosita’s shirt…so he established that she likes girls. We then see them walking again and suddenly Tara sees something and they run to one of the signs Maggie, Bob and Sasha wrote for Glenn telling him to go to Terminus. Glenn then immediately gets overwhelmed and begins running and then the theme song begins! Now let me go back to my previous recap ways and tell you what each group was up to and what they were doing.



Rick, Michonne and Carl– we didn’t get to much with them this week, but it was nice to finally see them again after going a few episodes without much focus on them. We see Rick walking and talking and notice Michonne and Carl behind him walking on the edges of the train tracks. Rick turns around and sees it and smiles. It’s another cute moment between Michonne and Carl and it shows that their friendship is becoming stronger. He’s got a sister/bestfriend in her. Rick tells them that it might be better that they not do that and continue walking in the tracks so they stop and it’s revealed that they had bet each other to see who’d stay on the edges the longest without falling. Carl wins the bet and takes one of Michonne’s big candy bars, Rick continues to smile and enjoy the cuteness between them, and then Carl shares the candy bar with Michonne. They then continue walking.

Daryl and that group of weird guys– Daryl continues to stay with this group of guys that seem like they’re a ticking time bomb. They are definitely NOT the people he should be around, but it feels like he’s with them in hopes that maybe they’ll stumble across Beth or anyone else from team prison. Daryl heads off on his own for a little bit and we see that he’s trying to hunt down this rabbit. Right as he uses his crossbow to shoot it, one of the guys from the group named Len, shoots at it too and decides that he claims it. They get into a verbal confrontation and Len starts pissing Daryl off by bringing up Beth and talking about her age and just being a creep. Telling Daryl he misses her cause he can’t “get some” anymore. Daryl nearly takes his knife out to kill him and then the lead guy Joe appears and calms them down. He cuts the rabbit in half and gives each guys a half. We then realize that they have these weird rules with the main one being that you should yell CLAIMED when you want something and it’ll be yours. Joe continues to tell Daryl all the rules and they have a conversation about Daryl seeming like he’s a jackass and that he’ll probably leave this group. Once they find an abandoned, what looks like a garage full of cars, they settle in there and everyone claims something and Daryl sleeps on the floor. When they all wake up, Len suddenly gets in Daryl’s face and thinks that Daryl took his half of the rabbit. Daryl insists that he actually hasn’t and the two get into a loud shouting argument and Joe and breaks it up again and asks Daryl if he took it. Daryl says no then he takes Daryl’s bag and dumps everything out and Len’s half of the rabbit comes out. Daryl still insists that he didn’t take it, Joe then asks Len if he planted it into Daryl’s bag and he says no. Joe then punches Len and tells everyone in the group to show Len what happens when he does something like this and the guys all begin to beat up Len. Joe reveals that he saw Len do it and it looks as if Joe respects Daryl for telling the truth. When they leave the place Daryl sees outside that Len is dead. As Daryl and this group of morons continue walking they see a Terminus sign and Daryl asks if they’d seen these signs. Joe says, it’s not a good place and that they’re actually trying to find someone who had killed one of there group members. One of the guys had seen this person hiding under one of the beds as he got choked unconscious. We then realize that they are on a hunt for Rick. (UH OH!!!!) We then see on the train tracks they’re walking on is a wrapper from the candy bar Carl was eating. So they’re pretty close to Rick, Michonne and Carl and this pretty much sets up the finale. It’s going to be intense!! Hang in there Rick!!!


Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene– After the start of the episode where we saw Glenn running towards Terminus, while completely overwhelmed by happiness since he knows Maggie is alive. Abraham insists on them resting before heading out even further and Glenn says they shouldn’t. When they find somewhere they think is okay to stay for a while, a walker comes out from the top of the place and falls down. Eugene moves and pushes Tara while doing that and Tara’s foot gets injured. She insists that she can keep walking no matter what and Abraham, who really wants to get Eugene to Washington to solve this zombie apocalypse, gets in Glenn’s face and tells them they need to rest. Glenn then says he’ll give Eugene his riot gear, and they continue to walk. They get to a tunnel that looks incredibly dark and they can hear walkers inside. Glenn insists they go inside and try to go through it inside, since it’ll take longer if they try to go around it. This is where they part ways with Abraham, Rosita and Eugene who tell them that if they get into any trouble they should come looking for them. Glenn and Tara then walk into the tunnel. They do a little talking and end up by a bunch of boulders and some walkers trapped in them. Glenn then starts stabbing them to kill them and to see if any of them are Maggie. Tara gets up on the boulders and sees that a herd are inside the tunnel and coming closer to them. Glenn gets up on the boulders to check to see if any of the walkers are Maggie or not. He’s flashing his flashlight and that’s making the walkers get close then suddenly Tara falls and a boulder traps her leg. The walkers get closer and Glenn tries everything in his will power to get the boulder off and to get Tara free. Tara yells at him and tells him to hurry up and go. While this is all going on Abraham, Rosita and Eugene are searching for cars that work. Eugene insists on being the guy who will drive them in the right direction. While Rosita is driving, she realizes that they’re going in circles and they seem to be lost. Eugene reveals that they’re at a place that Glenn and Tara should arrive out of the tunnel soon. When Abraham wakes up he and Rosita get in an argument over her stopping, because she shouldn’t and she should of kept going. Eugene then notices something and tells them to stop and look. When then get back to the tunnel and Glenn is still struggling getting the boulder off then suddenly they see Abraham, Rosita and Eugene with other people and they shoot at the walkers and kill them all. We then see that the other people are actually Maggie, Bob and Sasha!!!!

GLENN AND MAGGIE REUNITED!!!! FINALLY! Something good and something we all wanted to happen finally happens. Their embrace was beautiful and lovely to see. Glenn tells Maggie that he met Tara on the road and that she helped him. She then hugs Tara, but it seems like she doesn’t remember that Tara was apart of the Governor’s group. Sasha then says that Abraham told her that Eugene knows what caused all this and then they all figure out that they should head to Terminus to rest a little and they all oblige. At night Glenn and Maggie are together and Maggie finds the one picture of Maggie he took back in the day. She wants to burn it, but Glenn says no because it’s the only picture of her he has. She then tells him that he doesn’t need this picture, because they will be together FOREVER now. No more separation. They then burn the picture. The next morning they head over to Terminus and we finally actually see Terminus! It looks incredibly creepy and weird. When they walk in they are greeted by an equally creepy woman named Mary who tells them she’ll set up a plate, of whatever she was cooking, and WELCOME TO TERMINUS. The last time someone said welcome we ended up seeing that he was the Governor and it was all bad. So Terminus…is likely a horrible place.


glenn and maggie


Will the rest of team prison make it to Terminus? Is Terminus even a good place? What do you think will happen to Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Daryl in the finale? Do you think they could kill off Rick? So many scary possibilities!!! Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!



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