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THE WALKING DEAD “Still” Episode Recap

This week on The Walking Dead focused on Daryl and Beth and how difficult it has been for them to accept that they just might be the only survivors from team prison. (SPOILERS FOLLOW! WARNING! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!)

(Which isn’t true thankfully!) We saw a side of Daryl come out that we hadn’t seen since Season 1 and we saw a mixture of Season 3 Daryl too. Daryl’s character development has been brilliant throughout all 4 seasons and Norman Reedus has been growing as an actor and this character has brought out some powerful moments from him. We also have been seeing so much more Beth and now have a sense of what she was like before the zombie apocalypse happened. We are also reminded that she is a teen and has lost so much at such a young age, it’s not easy to deal with that and now trying to survive with a guy she hasn’t known all her life. Emily Kinney has been owning it this season! Kudos to both of them for great scenes last night.

The episode started really focusing on Daryl and Beth scavenging around trying to survive. They are forced to get into a trunk of a car while a herd of walkers come by and obviously can smell them since they seem to be banging on the car. They stayed in there all night long and we see just how awkward they are together. It felt like forced intimacy and I think they both handled that well, even though you could tell it was weird for both of them probably. They are relying on each other for survival. I loved how ready Daryl was to get out of the trunk and get right back to it. Once morning came around, they got out and continued walking to wherever they can find some supplies and food. We get a few moments where Daryl comes to the rescue and save Beth from some near death experiences. We also get Daryl munching on a snake, which was pretty badass. This man is made to live out in the wild. We even get moments where we see Beth act like a teen and stick up her middle finger and one moment where she blurts out “jerk” to him when she’s away from him.

One big theme of the episode was Beth’s sudden desire to get some alcohol. She seemed to be wanting a drink to wash away all the pain and since her dad isn’t there, he can’t object to it. They enter a country club and they find some polo wearing walkers, walkers hanging from the ceiling, lots of money, some peach schnapps, and a dart board! They quickly realize that it might not be the best place to stay. There’s also a moment where walkers are in the country club and Daryl starts killing them with golf clubs and he just completely looses himself and we see the first glimpse of what Daryl is truly feeling inside. He’s angry, sad, frustrated and annoyed. He’s lost a lot and has seen people who truly love him die and he has no idea Rick and the rest of team prison are still alive.

Beth also has a moment where she breaks down as she looks at a bottle of peach schnapps. Then they get out of there and head to an old home, which Daryl says he found with  Michonne once, and there they get some Moonshine so Beth’s first drink would be a real drink, since Daryl didn’t approve of Beth drinking peach schnapps. While drinking, they seem to both get back into a better mindset and Beth gets Daryl to talk about his dad and his old home and more personal things about him. He talks a lot about his father and just how bad he was. The house they are in completely reminds him of all of that. Then when they both sit down by a table they begin a drinking game where they talk about things they had or hadn’t done in their lives, which leads to a look at some of their demons and insecurities.

Daryl suddenly becomes an angry drunk, pees in the house while making way to much noise, and they hear walkers outside. He yells all around the house and also brings up Beth cutting herself back in Season 2. Beth also acts kind of childish talking about Daryl being her chaperon and calling him Mr. Dixon. Daryl then grabs Beth’s arm and takes her outside to teach her how to shoot a crossbow, which was one of the things she said she hasn’t done, and during this scene we see a return of Season 1 Daryl. The Daryl who seemed like a serious asshole. Beth tries to get Daryl to stop, but Daryl insists on using this walker as a target practice. Beth reminds him that killing the walker isn’t for fun. It’s just something they unfortunately have to do to survive. Beth then kills the walker and Daryl suddenly begins to blame himself for everything. Blames himself for team prison not being around and for The Governor starting that violent gun war on the prison in the mid-season finale. He begins to cry and we see just how many demons he’s struggling with. He had people relying on him for protection in his mind and he let them all down and for all they know, everyone could be dead. Beth then hugs Daryl from behind as he continues to cry and let out all his pain.

Once nightfall hits, we see them sitting on the porch of the house talking about life. They share some stories with each other and we get a story from Daryl, with Merle mentions, and we see just how hard life was for him. Getting high and drunk with his big brother and just going from place to place was all he did before the zombie apocalypse hit. We all wanted to know what he did before all of this and now we know. We also get story about Maggie from Beth and it’s a nice moment after such a emotional scene from Daryl. Beth also says to him, “you’re going to miss me when I’m gone Daryl Dixon”, which in a weird way feels like a foreshadowing to Beth maybe dying? They then think of the idea of burning the house down. They get inside and start putting moonshine all over the house and go back outside, get the money Daryl had taken from the country club and they light the money and throw it in the house. Beth then raises her middle finger at the house and Daryl does it too. It feels like a moment where they are both basically saying, “screw you demons!”. That ends the episode.

Next week’s episode looks like a horror movie. From the sneak peek looks, we will be getting more Maggie, Sasha, and Bob while we also get Daryl and Beth. What did you guys think of this weeks episode? How awesome were Emily and Norman? Leave your comments in the comment section below!


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