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THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Finale “A” Recap

Season 4 has come to an end and boy was it filled with tense moments and some much appreciated flashbacks (at least for me!). Before I begin the recap, let me just say that the folks who read the comics are probably really giddy that the show used some pivotal moments from the comics in this finale. Of course, the show isn’t completely following the comics, but it is nice to see moments from the comics being brought into the show. It’s a good way to get people to start paying attention to the comics too if they aren’t already.


Now! For the recap. Let me begin by recapping the flashbacks. Throughout the finale we see flashbacks back to the days at the prison (days that none of us actually saw) where Rick was becoming “Farmer Rick”. We see Hershel continuously guiding Rick into a more fatherly direction. He tells him to look after Carl a bit more, be more of a father to Judith and to just be a dad and not have to worry about going out on runs and doing anything else. The prison was becoming pretty safe for them before all the sickness occurred. One more pivotal thing about this was that it seemed like Hershel was trying to make Rick like this so that he could make life for Carl a bit easier after he shot that kid back in the season 3 finale. These flashbacks were a great reminder that absolutely nobody will get over the loss of Hershel and loosing him will be something in Rick’s mind forever. Hershel was the man! They all need Hershel! Also, the writers totally wanted to punch us in the face with Hershel feels.

We see Rick, Michonne and Carl by an area they made their campsite. Rick asks them if they’re hungry and they all say yeah and then they get up and Rick tells them that’s he’s going to teach them how to make a trap to catch animals. He shows them how to make a noose to catch squirrels and any animals near by when we suddenly hear some random dude yell help me. Carl immediately runs to this guy and Rick and Michonne call after him and run to him. They end up by this guy who is surrounded by walkers and Carl prepares to start shooting when Rick holds him back and tells him it’s too late. Those walkers attack this guy, even rip out his eye, and then some of the walkers start heading towards Rick, Michonne and Carl so they start running and they end up towards more walkers, lady walkers, munching on a corpse and then they run at them and start killing them. After all that they find a car and decide to stay put there.

At night, Rick and Michonne are sitting and talking while Carl sleeps in the car. After a while we suddenly hear Joe, the dude who Daryl is with, and we see him pointing a gun at Rick and the other guys appear as well with the guy with the bandanna holding a gun at Michonne. We also see a heavy guy go by the car door and start making weird faces at Carl. While talking to Rick, we suddenly see Daryl emerging and he tells Joe not to do anything. He tells them that Rick and Michonne are good people. Joe tells Daryl that Rick killed one of his men, therefore he is not a good person and he needs to die. Joe then gets all his guy to start beating up Daryl just like they beat up Len in the last episode. At that moment we see the guy at the car who is taunting Carl pull Carl out of the Carl and start being perverted with him. (Comic book lovers know where this goes). He throws Carl to the floor and starts trying to unbuckle himself and by the looks of it begin to rape Carl in front of Rick. Joe says that first Daryl will die, then Michonne then Rick will be forced to watch what happened to Carl. Rick then, with the back of his head, head butts Joe and Joe’s gun goes off and Michonne does her thing with the other guy and kills him then Rick begins having some trouble getting up, because of the gun shot Joe did. Rick turns around and gets up into Joe and out of nowhere bites Joe in the neck (Carl watching) and that’s the end of Joe. Daryl then beats up the other guys and kills them. Michonne does her thing and then Rick turns to the guy who has Carl and walks towards him ready to murder him. He then gets his knife and knifes up this guy killing him brutally all while Carl watched in horror.

The next morning we see a bloody Rick and he looks like he’s in a trance. Carl and Michonne are inside the car and Carl’s sleeping on Michonne’s lap. We see Daryl come up to Rick offering to a cloth with some water to Rick so he can wash his face, but he doesn’t oblige at first to save water, but takes the cloth anyway and cleans himself up a bit. Daryl sits next to Rick and he talks about those crazy guys he was with and also lets Rick know that Beth was taken. Rick then tells Daryl that this whole ordeal wasn’t on him, because it looked like Daryl felt incredibly guilty. Rick also tells Daryl, “you’re my brother”. CUE THE FEELS!!! When everyone is up they head towards Terminus. Instead of going from the front part of the Terminus they decide to go in the back for precaution. They split up and surround the place to look and see whatsup and Michonne and Carl split up together. While they’re walking Michonne tells Carl about her pet walkers and her son, and that they were her boyfriend and their friend. She held on to them and that was what she was back then. They helped keep her protected too. She’s telling Carl this, because she thinks Carl is afraid of his dad. She hopes that telling him that whatever they need to do to stay protected and to protect others is okay. Carl reveals that he isn’t afraid of his dad, but he thinks he isn’t what he should be. He thinks his dad won’t approve of all his thoughts. It seems as if Carl knows deep down that he’s just a kid, but hopes and wishes he could be more for his dad. They cry and hug each other and it shows yet another great moment between these two. Daryl and Rick are walking with each other and Rick buries some of their weapons just incase they’d need to get more.

So they all get back together and jump one of the Terminus fences from the back and enter. They find some space where a lady is talking through a microphone and some equipment and we figure out that this is the lady who Daryl, Michonne and Bob heard in the car back in the beginning of season 4. They walk in and the people in there introduce themselves, one of them being Gareth who seemed a little creepy, and one of them was a guy named Alex who was going to take them around the place. Gareth says, “Welcome to Terminus” and asks Rick and the gang to drop their weapons. Alex and Gareth frisk them for other weapons and such. They all seem uneasy with each other. Rick and the gang have all the right to feel weird, because these Terminus folks act weird. After the strange introduction and frisking Alex takes them outside and shows them around the place, we then get a glimpse of more Terminus people and the weirdo Mary from last weeks episode. While Mary is fixing Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl plates of food, Rick notices that these Terminus people are wearing stuff that belongs to our group. Bob’s clothes, Glenn’s riot gear, Daryl’s poncho that Maggie had on, a familiar backpack and the watch that Hershel gave Glenn. Rick immediately grabs Alex and holds a gun to his head and asks everyone where they got those things. Gareth shows up and tells Rick to relax and then a guy who seems like a snipper appears at the rooftop. When nobody says anything Rick makes a move, Alex gets killed then Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl start shooting and running away (Daryl had no gun thought so he just had to run and that sucked). While they’re running away it weirdly seems as if the Terminus people shooting at them are guiding them around and not really trying to kill them Michonne even mentions this. They go room to room trying to figure out a way to get out. They get into one room that is filled with candles and names of people and on the wall it says, “NEVER AGAIN. NEVER TRUST. WE FIRST, ALWAYS.” They then get out of that room and continue running (while they run we see various things on the ground which include meat and bones) and then they get to one area and are completely surrounded in literally every corner.

Gareth shows up again and tells them to drop their weapons, even threatening that something will happen to Carl, and they all drop their weapons. Gareth then instructs them to get into a train carriage to the left. He makes Rick go in first and Rick wants Carl to go with him, but they threaten to hurt Carl and still make Rick go in so he obliges and goes. Gareth creates nicknames for them by saying “Ringleader, Archer and The Samurai”. Carl still standing there, Rick yells he’s my son and Gareth tells Carl to go to the train carriage. He then instructs them to go inside and they do. When they all get inside they hug each other and then we hear Glenn say, “Rick?” and suddenly he appears with Maggie, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and (I didn’t actually see Eugene, but I think he was there too). They have reunited!! Finally more of the group has reunited, but under a completely awful circumstance. Maggie tells Rick that Abraham and his crew along with Tara are their friends and Rick says they are their friends to know. The end conversation is incredibly epic when Rick says,” They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out” then Abraham says,”Find out what? then Rick “They’re screwing with the wrong peopleFor folks who love the comics, this is quite an awesome moment they brought in. I think we all wish they could of said the F word instead, but this works too!

That’s the end of season 4 and we are left with wondering where Beth, Tyreese, Carol and baby Judith are. Do you think they’re somewhere in Terminus too?


I give season 4 a B grade, mainly because I enjoyed where they went with all the characters this season and I enjoyed how much of the comics they put in the season. Here’s hoping this finale is a lead in to a potentially incredibly badass season 5 premiere! Are you ready for season 5? What are your predictions? Are the Terminus people cannibals? Sound off in the comments section below! SEE YOU GUYS FOR SEASON 5 IN OCTOBER!



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