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THE WALKING DEAD “The Grove” Episode Recap… “Just look at The Flowers”

This week’s episode focused on Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika, and baby Judith and what they were up to while they were on their way to Terminus and they had to deal with some seriously tragic moments. We got a confession to we were all waiting to see happen and we saw the continued weirdness of Lizzie. It such a tough episode to get through..shocking moments filled with phenomenal acting and the end to a specific storyline. It had one of, if not the most, gruesome scene in Walking Dead history.


If you think back to the beginning of Season 4 when we were first introduced to Lizzie and Mika, we all noticed that Lizzie seemed a little too cool with the walkers. It slowly got weirder and she seemed like she definitely was not in the right state of mind. Also, there was that moment when someone was feeding rats to the walkers at the prison gates…now we can figure out that it was probably her.

The episode started off in the creepiest form. We got a shot of a kettle on a stove and we hear giggling in the background and the scene slowly shifts to Lizzie outside playing what looked like “TAG! YOU’RE IT!” with a walker and then we immediately get to the theme song. That was the indicator that this episode was going to be intense.

lizzie walking dead

Then we see it’s nightfall and Tyreese and Mika are sleeping while Carol has Judith sleeping in her lap and is up keeping watch with Lizzie. They have a conversation that makes Lizzie just seem like a nice little girl keeping watch with Carol. They also talk about Carol’s daughter Sophia. We don’t hear to much of Sophia a lot anymore just small moments, nothing too intense, so this was a strong moment for Carol to actually talk about Sophia. This episode was sort of a way for Carol to release the past, continue to mourn Sophia. We also see Tyreese having a nightmare, later in the episode it’s revealed that he has been having nightmares of the day Karen was killed, and then day breaks. Carol and Mika head out on a run while Tyreese, baby Judith and Lizzie stay behind. Carol tells Mika that she brought her along so she could talk to her and make Mika realize the dangers lurking out there. She will need to kill someone at any moment in this world if she wants to survive.

Mika is a very sweet little girl and can’t accept the fact that she will have to do that someday. Mika then tells Carol what her mom used to tell her, “Things always work out the way they are supposed to”. It certainly felt like foreshadowing that something bad would happen in this episode. Tyreese and Lizzie are playing “I ,Spy” when Tyreese noticed a walker and tells her to stay put with baby Judith. He walks over to the walker to kill it, but suddenly Lizzie shows up and tells Tyreese not to, “Sometimes we have to kill them, sometimes we don’t” and he listens. Meanwhile Carol and Mika find a grove and a nice cabin and decide they should all take shelter there for a while before continuing on their path to Terminus. Also, they smell some smoke and see a bunch of rising smoke from a far distance and they assume it’s probably a campsite.

One moment that sticks out is when Lizzie and Mika see a grave with baby shoes tied on some wood at the grove and Lizzie thinks if they dig up the grave the baby will be a walker. Tyreese and Carol head inside the house to make sure there are no walkers in the house and Lizzie and Mika stay outside with baby Judith. Again we see Lizzie just being completely weird. She’s way too nonchalant about walkers and the fact that they could kill you while Mika yells at her and wants her to realize the walkers are not humans anymore. They will need to kill them to stay safe, but Lizzie doesn’t understand this. Suddenly a walker appears out of a door and it stumbles down to the girls and Lizzie is on the floor with baby Judith and Mika is holding a gun and seems so terrified that it takes her a while, but she finally shoots the walker. It doesn’t die, but luckily Carol and Tyreese run out and they kill it. Lizzie seems visibly upset and we find out it’s because she didn’t want it to die. She’s not well. She keeps crying and Mika tells her to look at the flowers. To get her to calm down, “just look at the flowers.” They spend a good portion of their night cracking some pecans by the fireplace and Mika finds a doll that she names Grizelda Gunderson (most random name ever), and they continue on with their night. Tyreese continues having nightmares as well.


Now I’m going to pin point the major events that take place after this. It’s to hard to really sit down and write everything that happened and everything that was said, because this episode was so dark and tough and traumatizing. So here we go, the rest of the major moments in this intense episode:

At one point, the next day…Carol makes some tea, I assume, and she looks outside and notices Lizzie running around with a walker. This takes us back to the beginning of the episode were we saw this happening, but we didn’t see Carol yet. Carol frantically runs outside and kills the walker while Lizzie yells and screams for her not too. She then begins to cry heavily and yells, “SHE WAS MY FRIEND!” She looks at these walkers as people who are only a little different. This situation isn’t phasing her at all and it’s not good. Carol is slowing realizing how messed up Lizzie is. We also get a moment where Mika runs outside to see where Lizzie is and sees Lizzie running off with a box. She follows and sees Lizzie feeding the walker that she told Tyreese not to kill. She’s so far gone that anything Mika says doesn’t make any effect on her and she suddenly thinks she should get bit and change. Mika yells for Lizzie to stop and suddenly some walkers appear, some charbroiled and medium rare walkers who probably came from the smokey area they noticed, and they get up and run.

When they get back to the grove, Mika trips on the wires that were up protecting them around the house and a walker gets close to her and Lizzie tries to help, but it isn’t working to well. Tyreese and Carol, who were having a conversation while this was all going on – Tyreese revealed his nightmares about Karen and that he thinks they should just stay at the grove for good – run to see why the girls were yelling and quickly put down all the walkers. During this whole sequence we notice that Lizzie turns into an actual caring sister and seemed terrified of all of this. After this, it’s night again and while in the house Lizzie tells Mika that sometimes she has to be mean. That killing these things needs to happen. Then, the next day, Carol and Tyreese head out for a refreshingly normal stroll. Carol even tells a joke about deers and nuts. After a while when they get back to the grove, they see Lizzie standing with a knife in her hand, blood all over her hands and Mika dead on the ground. The shock of this moment was intense. Carol and Tyreese rush towards her and Tyreese gets baby Judith (who thankfully was still alive), and Lizzie keeps saying that it’s okay and Mika will come back and that she didn’t her hurt brain (COMIC MOMENT! Comic book readers will understand) and she’ll show us all that it’s okay and that she was just about to kill baby Judith too.

Carol holds a knife up, seemingly to put Mika out before she would turn and Lizzie holds a gun at Carol. Throughout this we see Carol being surprisingly calm. She promises Lizzie that she’ll tie Mika up and they’ll wait till she comes back as a walker. Tyreese takes Lizzie and baby Judith inside and Carol continues to keep a smile on her face. But when Tyreese, baby Judith and Lizzie get inside, Carol finally allows herself to break down. Throughout this episode we get Melissa McBride’s finest performances yet. She was phenomenal all episode long and this break down moment was heartbreaking. When Carol gets inside, she and Tyreese have a long conversation about what they need to do with Lizzie. Carol knows Lizzie just cannot be around people.

Carol takes Lizzie on a walk outside to get flowers to give to Mika when she comes back as a walker.  it starts out eerily okay and highly weird when Lizzie gets upset, because she thinks Carol is mad that she held a gun up at her. Completely ignoring the fact that she killed her sister. Lizzie seems incredibly upset and walks a few feet away from Carol and sobs uncontrollably. Carol then tells Lizzie to look at the flowers on the ground. Just keep looking at them. As she says this she gets her gun out and readies herself to do what she hoped she wouldn’t have to.

She tells Lizzie she loves her and to keep on looking at the flowers and then pulls the trigger and kills Lizzie. Tyreese was looking out the window and seemed to have mixed, yet understanding emotions. They then bury the kids outside. That night, Tyreese and Carol are sitting at a table, both shaken, crying and sad. This is where the big reveal happens and Carol finally tells Tyreese that she killed Karen and the other guy at the prison. Tyreese momentarily looks at her like he’s ready to put his hammer through her head. Meanwhile, Carol puts the gun on the table and inches it closer to him telling him to do what he thinks is right.”I forgive you..I’m never going to forget … It’s a part of you now. Me too. But I forgive you.” He forgives her and they stay together with baby Judith.

A truly pivotal moment this season, because it shows how much both these characters have grown. She’s strong enough to finally admit it and he’s strong enough to forgive her and continue to survive with her. The next morning, we get shots of the house looking quiet and we see Carol and Tyreese get all their belongings together, grab baby Judith and head out of there….presumably to Terminus where they’ll most likely reunite with more of team prison who are mostly all on their way there as well.



Phew. This episode was the darkest and toughest episode to get through in ages. The last time the show was this gut-wrenching was when Sophia came out of the barn at Hershel’s farm back in season 2. This episode really foreshadowed what looks like a likely dark, but maybe…..just maybe…..slightly happy ending to this season? Who knows. Do you think TWD when too far with this? I personally think it sadly had to happen this way. It’s sad to think these two were just children with one of becoming a psychopath and them killing the other. It’s hard to deal with and see. A big bravo to Melissa McBride, Chad Coleman, Brighton Sharbino and Kyla Kennedy for their intense, dark and riveting work tonight.

Only two more episodes left! Will everyone get reunited? Will anymore characters die? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Let’s talk through this intense episode.


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