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THE WALKING DEAD “Alone” Episode Recap

This week’s episode had the good and lots of bad. In true Walking Dead fashion, when something good happens, something bad usually follows. This episode focused on two groups: Daryl and Beth; and Bob, Sasha, and Maggie. We were treated to cute moments with Daryl and Beth and we saw that Maggie was still very determined to find Glenn.


The episode opened with a flashback to how Bob was surviving the apocalypse before Daryl and Glenn found him. He was completely alone and scared, walking around trying to find shelter. He also had a moment were he was drinking cold medicine since I’d assume he had no water. We then see Daryl and Glenn drive up to him and they ask him those 3 questions from the first half of season 4: How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why? He then answers them all and has no questions to ask them and when Daryl and Glenn seemed surprised that he’s not asking them questions, Bob then said, “It doesn’t matter who you are.” I personally think that’s one of the best quotes in all 4 seasons, because in the zombie apocalypse, you seek shelter with whoever you can. It doesn’t matter who you are, unless you’re a psycho murder though.

Bob Walking Dead

Now, lets begin with each group. Instead of doing one big recap, I’m going to recap what he group went through like I did with the previous recaps.

Bob, Sasha and Maggie – After seeing how Bob joined team prison in the beginning, when then see him, Sasha and Maggie trapped in one place while fog rolls in and they can’t see where the walker groans are coming from. This moment felt like it came straight from a horror movie. They stood with their backs to each other and waited until walkers got close enough to see and began killing them. We get a couple of near bit moments with Bob and Maggie, but they all get out of it alive. Then we see them continuing to walk and move after the fog clears out. They end up seeing a sign for Terminus, the sanctuary that might just end up being the place everyone meets at, and they decide to head there because Maggie is certain Glenn would go there. They then begin walking towards Terminus, even though Sasha seems to be the only one who isn’t really certain that this is a good idea. Throughout this episode, Sasha just seems to be afraid and not willing to continue walking around and would much rather find higher ground and stay there. Bob begins to realize this and tries to get Sasha to realize they need to give Terminus a shot. When Maggie heads out on her own on a run, we see Bob and Sasha talking about all of this and Sasha brings up the fact that Glenn could very well be dead and that this Terminus place is not where they should go. When Sasha wakes up the next morning he sees Bob hunched over looking at the floor and Sasha begins to worry and asks what’s wrong and sees that on the floor, with the dirt, Maggie had written them a note saying they should continue without her and good luck. Bob begins to worry and he insists they go after her. Sasha of course, still has her doubts but they get up anyways. There’s also a moment at night where Bob tries to get some sleep and can’t because of a walker that sounds like it’s near. When then get a scene with Maggie and she sees a Terminus sign again. She then hears a walker and instead of killing it, she gets this weird look in her eyes and attacks it and does actually kill it, and cuts open the stomach. When Sasha and Bob show up in that place where Maggie cut open the walker they see that she actually used the walkers blood and guts to write on something, “Glenn go to Terminus, Maggie.” Bob and Sasha then continue to walk in that direction. They end up seeing a building and Sasha tells Bob that they should stay there and start a new life and attempt to make it work. Bob then confronts Sasha and says, that he knows that she’s scared, but it’s not a good idea. Sasha still doesn’t budge so he kisses her in hopes that maybe that’ll make her see how much he cares and how much they need each other. She still doesn’t budge and Bob continues on his own to find Maggie and Sasha goes into the building. Sasha begins to realize that this is probably a terrible idea and seems overwhelmed. She looks out a window and sees suddenly sees Maggie laying on the floor. She hits the window and it breaks causing Maggie to get up and a bunch of walkers to suddenly appear. Sasha runs downstairs and heads outside to a herd of walkers and she and Maggie begin killing them. After they survive that, Maggie then tells Sasha that she overheard the conversation she had with Bob about Glenn not being alive probably and that it’s a bad idea to go to Terminus. She then says that she was waiting there and hadn’t made it to Terminus yet, because she was waiting for Bob and Sasha to show up, because she knew they would and this would be the only way to get them their. Sasha also reveals that she is indeed afraid of all of this. They then set out to catch up with Bob and they do, and hug Bob and Bob smiles a “I knew you guys would come smile.” After that we get a show with Glenn seeing the Terminus sign! Hello reunion on the horizon!!!!!



Daryl and Beth – Daryl and Beth, after last weeks episode, became much closer and seemed to really be getting along. We see that Daryl lets Beth shoot with his crossbow and she begins to learn how to track. She also makes the case of not needing Daryl soon enough. She then sees a walker, which she assumed they were tracking, and starts getting closer to it to kill it and take its gun, but when she gets closer her foot gets caught in a trap and the walker hears this and gets closer to her and Daryl gets it before it attacks her. After that, they continue to walk around with Beth using Daryl as support since she hurt her ankle. They get near a morgue and see one of the stones saying “beloved father,” and Daryl gets some flowers and places them by this grave and Beth gets emotional, probably thinking of her dad, and then in a really touching moment they hold hands. When they get into the morgue they see it’s incredibly clean and it seems as if someone might be keeping it that way, and perhaps another group lives there. They check out the rest of the place and even see a walker on a table dressed in clothes and it makes Beth smile, because she appreciates that someone wanted to make a walker look better because they were once people. Daryl finds some bandages and wraps Beth’s ankle. They then search all the cupboards and weirdly find a whole stash of food. Some cola, pigs feets, peanut butter and jelly and some other things. Daryl says they should take a few things and leave the rest for whoever left it all there. Daryl goes outside and starts tying up the place with string and some cans so if walkers get near they’ll hear it. Beth plays the piano and begins singing a little bit and Daryl walks in and she stops. He informs her that the place is tied up and  then he gets into one of the caskets and says, that it’s the most comfortable place he’s rested in in a long time. He also tells Beth to continue singing since there’s no jukebox. Then they go into the area with all the food and begin eating a little of the food and Beth decides to write a letter to the people who had this stash to thank them. Then they hear a sound and Daryl goes to the front door to check to see what it was and sees that it was a dog!! He tries to get the dog closer to him and it suddenly runs off. Beth comes to see what happened and Daryl tells her that she should of stayed back and she was curious because it was a dog! As they continue eating Daryl begins sort of changing and we see that he thinks good of people, because Beth has helped him change. They also seemed like they were going to kiss, because they were starring at each other in a “lets kiss” way. Their relationship is something you can’t really figure out, because maybe they are starting to get feeling for each other? He’s older so is it weird? Are they becoming close friends? Who knows! Then they hear some more sound and Daryl goes to check again and takes a pig foot with him, because he’s sure it’s the dog again and when he opens the door a whole bunch of walkers walk in. He then begins to run and tells Beth to get out as fast as she can. He tells her to get a window open and to get her shit and get out. Daryl is now left with all these walkers and runs and also starts killing some. He goes downstairs into the room with the bandages and table and uses the table and another table to trap walkers and kill them as he then goes back upstairs while killing some more along the way. He gets outside and kills a few more then finds Beth’s belonging on the floor and looks up to see a car, with a cross on the back, drive off with Beth inside. He begins to run after the car. Day breaks and we see that Daryl is still running, but because he’s tired he’s slowing down. He does slow down and begins looking around and we see that he’s becoming emotional and has no idea what to do. He sits on the floor and becomes overwhelmed. As he’s sitting there, we suddenly hear a random guys voice and see a bunch of guys surround Daryl. He gets up and points his crossbow at the guy who’s talking and if you guys noticed, it’s that one guy who was in the house with his group while Rick was sleeping!!! He says his name is Joe and Daryl punches him because someone says they want to take Daryl’s vest. “Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?, says Joe and Daryl introduces himself and joins them. Which is not a good thing, because these guys seem like the perfect guys to make him go back to season 1 Daryl. Also, they could be the dudes who kidnapped Beth. Lots of talk, suggests that these guys could be the hunters from the comics? So many possibilities! Here’s Daryl being safe and here’s to Beth getting found! 

daryl dixon


The final shots of the episode were Maggie and Sasha catching up with Bob and then the very final shot was Glenn finding a Terminus map. Will Maggie and Glenn finally get reunited? Is Daryl going to stay with these new guys or will he just stay to save himself then set off alone when nobody is looking? Where the hell is Beth? Many possibilities!!! The whole aspect of the episode was how these guys can survive potentially being alone and what we see is, none of them are at the right state of mind to be alone. They all need each other to survive in this world! Next weeks episode takes us back to Tyreese, Carol, Judith and the kids! Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!



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