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Thirsty Thursdays: THE BOONDOCK SAINTS Drinking Game

Happy March! This month, all our drinking games are going to have some sort of Irish tie-in, either through the film’s content or drink recipes. It’s the month of St. Patrick’s Day and we intend to celebrate!

So to kick things off, we have the violent and fantastic cult hit, The Boondock Saints.  Check out the rules below from our friends at Drinking Cinema.


The Boondock Saints Drinking Game Rules:

  • You see simul-action. This could be two people simultaneously lighting cigarettes, putting on shirts, or putting bullets through someone’s eye-holes.
  • There is a religious reference. For example, this whole movie.
  • You notice blatant ethnic stereotyping. Or, we’re mistaken, in which case drink whenever you learn something new about a culture.
  • Someone speaks in a different language. When homeschooling your children, it’s important that they learn Latin, Italian, and how to double-tap bad guys.
  • You hear three or more f-words in a phrase or sentence. Something like “Fuckin’ — What the fuckin’. Fuck. Who the fuck fucked this fucking… How did you two fucking fucks…?”
  • Rocco freaks out. You could argue that drinking should occur every time Rocco’s on screen, but then your liver would liquefy and we’d feel bad.
  • Willem’s a total DICK. Possibly the greatest role of his — nay, anyone’s — career, nobody pulls off a preening, self-centered, brilliant, cross-dressing, homophobic, onion bagel-loving, gay FBI agent better than Willem.

Partying hard tonight? Here’s some extra drink rules just for you:

  • WATERFALL whenever Agent Smecker goes into his detect-o-trance to classical music.
  • FINISH YOUR BEER when a certain sweaty, disheveled someone yells “AAAAARRGHH!! There was a FIREFIGHT!!” and then empties his clip into the middle of the suburbs.
  • FINISH YOUR BEER once you see Willem in drag, a.k.a., some “primo box.” If that’s primo, what’s that guy used to??

The Boondock Saints is available on Amazon. 

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