Suzuki Danger and the Go Go Girls Poster by Lucky Matsumoto

Suzuki Danger and the Go Go Girls are here to save the day. Check out this beautiful Suzuki Danger poster and a limited-edition variant by Lucky Matsumoto. The poster is based on designs created by Matsumoto.

Lucky has plans to release a whole series of other Suzuki Danger prints throughout the year. Visit his site to see more of his art. Keep reading to see the first ever appearance of these cool characters.

Learn more about the characters:

CHERRY D’ART- lethal with knives, arrows and of course…blow darts!

SCARLET DYNAMITE- Loves bombs, explosives and all things that make loud noises!

KAT-O DANGER- Kung Fu expert. just dont call her ‘KATO’ her name is KAT-O ok?

and their beautiful leader SUZUKI DANGER- Fighting to stop the evil Docktor Death and his horde of Death Minions.

Only ever to appear in a series of prints, follow Suzuki Danger in her very first amazing adventure aptly called- SUZUKI DANGER AND THE GO GO GIRLS

Suzuki Danger Regular Edition


Limited-edition Japanese Variant


These posters are available online at


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