Upcoming Amex Doc SPENT: LOOKING FOR CHANGE Highlights Financial Plights and Solutions for Americans

The norm for a large population in America today is living pay check to pay check.  Everyday goods are increasing in price, wages are stagnant and people can’t seem to get ahead on their personnel debt.  With all the advancements in technology people are still falling behind financially beneath a mountain of bills, student loan payments, mortgages and rising interest rates.  We all know how technology has been used to generate wealth for a fortunate few but, what if it could be used by average Americans to catch up and possibly get ahead?

Davis Guggenheim, director of acclaimed documentaries Waiting for “Superman” and  Academy Award winner An Inconvenient Truth , executive produces Spent: Looking for Change, his latest project which follows the stories of Americans that find themselves in these predicaments.  Spent: Looking for Change exams how people get themselves into financial hardships and solutions in advancements in technology that can help them.

Our lives are not always dictated by the choices we make.  Sometimes events beyond our control force us into situations that put us in bad spots.  Spent: Looking for Change highlights Americans that are forced into these financial hardships.  American Express sponsors the film, look for it Summer 2014.  You can check out the trailer below.

Spent: Looking for Change Official Trailer

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Weigh in, what do think of a project like Spent being sponsored by a company like American Express?

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