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SHIRIN IN LOVE Movie Review – A Charming and Adorable Indie Rom-Com

Shirin In Love is a charming, adorable, and awesome indie rom com with plenty of notable persian actors and personalities. It is written and directed by Ramin Niami and stars Nazanin Boniadi, Riley Smith, Amy Madigan, Marshall Manesh, Maz Jobrani, Max Amini, George Wallace, Annie Little, Anita Khalatbari, Samantha Colburn, Steven Schub, Sam Golzari, Nick Soper, Andy Madadian and more!



Love has no borders and therein lies the premise of this charming new Iranian-American romantic comedy “Shirin in Love.” Nazanin Boniadi plays Shirin, an absent-minded, young Iranian-American living in “Tehrangeles” (the large Iranian community in Los Angeles) with her overbearing mother and empathetic father. Despite being engaged for years to a successful Iranian plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Shirin finds herself breaking loyalty and tradition when she falls in love with a mysterious young man who lives in a lighthouse in northern California. As her secret unravels and cultures clash, Shirin discovers what it ultimately means to be true to herself.

The film is about Shirin (Boniadi), a Persian writer, who works at her mother’s style magazine and is set to marry a childhood friend who she is not actually in love with. She’s a clumsy, quirky, cool persian girl who writes book reviews and reads a lot. She also has the tendancy to not stop at stop signs and gets pulled over only to be let off the hook by the officer, Officer Washington (Wallace), who has a script she’s been looking over and she continously tells him it’s a good script and she’s getting it sent to places. She gets an awesome opportunity to go interview an author, Rachel, and she accepts it. One night, after being to drunk she goes outside in the rain and someone drives up to her, William (Riley), who wonders why she’s outside and she then gets into his car and tells him to keep driving straight. As he is driving, she suddenly passes out, from obviously being quite intoxicated and William takes her to his hotel room and lays her on his bed and lets her rest as he tries to figure out exactly what to do. Shirin’s fiancee, mother and father then come to that room and find her in the bed, with her clothes off (because William took them off to make sure she wouldn’t get sick), and her fiancee immediately thinks something is up. When they realize nothing is up Shirin goes back home and gets ready to head to the author’s house to interview her. When she’s on her way she gets caught up in a storm and her car messes up and she’s forced to knock on someones door and get some help. This lady answers her door and lets Shirin come in and get warm. She tells her to stay the night and when this lady takes Shirin to to her son’s room and she’s all of the author Rachel’s books everywhere she begins to piece things together and realizes this lady is actually Rachel! The next morning Shirin wakes up and is sick, when she walks into the kitchen she sees Rachel sitting with none other than William, who is her son. He looses his cool and she seems a bit confused and Rachel tells Shirin to go to bed and tells her son to take some food and orange juice into her room for her. He obliges and begins to gather himself and they have some cute moments with each other. From then on, they start to find real love and it turns into a cute story pretty much about love. I won’t say anymore so you guys can watch it!!


I love all the performances in the film. Nazanin Boniadi and Riley Smith have adorable chemistry. The whole film is filled with so many persian personalities and is located most of the time in “Tehrangeles”, the large Iranian community in Los Angeles and really is quite an ode to the persians of the world. It shows that arranged marriages don’t always work, and sometimes people just find love with other people! I hope this little Indie makes Riley Smith a bit more of a household name. He’s an underrated actor and really should be in more films. The cinematography is the film is also incredibly gorgeous. Just absolutely beautiful scenery all over.

shirin-in-love (1)

Have you ever been involved in an arranged marriage that didn’t work out? What does love mean to you? Write your thoughts in the comments section below and see this lovely gem of a film in theaters now! Check out the website here for more info!


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