When a car racing movie is made, it’s almost inevitable that it will draw immediate comparisons to the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, and for good reason too. The F&F franchise set the standard for car racing movies, upping the ante for action and suspense that needs to be present to crate a popular and entertaining car movie. With it’s combination of constant humor, fantastic driving scenes, and most importantly, the complete disregard of CGI technology, Need for Speed does more than enough to shake the Fast and Furious comparison, and outright stand alone as a thrilling action movie that keeps the viewer entertained throughout.

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul stars as Tobey Marshall, a car mechanic who recently inherited his father’s auto shop after his death. Faced with a mountain of bills and payment notices from the bank, Marshall agrees to fix up a car for an enemy from his past, Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper). After the car is completed, Brewster challenges Marshall and his friend to a race, using three rare cars. When Brewster is about to lose the race, he bumps the other car, killing the driver, and wrongfully sending Marshall to prison, as he was the only person on site when authorities got there.

Fast forward two years, Marshall is a free man hell bent on spreading the truth of the accident, exposing Brewster in the process. Marshall has to get cross country in 72 hours, and the non stop action begins. Helping Marshall out is his crack gang of auto shop employees, and good friends, Benny (Scott Mescudi), Finn (Rami Malek), and Joe (Ramon Rodriguez). These three are the primary source of the comedy, as they provide the lighter side of the story to combat the seriousness of Marshall’s situation. One particular scene comes immediately to mind in this regard, but you will have to wait and see the movie to find out what that is (it will be obvious).

The biggest thing that stands out about Need for Speed is the realistic touch it has, especially in the car chase scenes. In a world where every summer blockbuster is half movie half CGI digital effects, Need for Speed is a throwback to older car movies like Smokey and the Bandit.  One particular scene, where a car is hanging onto a plane while being driven off the Grand Canyon, is particularly breathtaking and incredible to see unfold. Combine this heart pounding action with  the great side humor, and you have an all together entertaining movie going experience that stands alone despite it’s immediate connotations to other car films.

Of course, as there is with many action movies like this, there are a few lapses in logic that need to be overlooked to understand and appreciate the main gist of the film. In the final action scene of the film, Marshall and Brewster participate in a six car street race where the winner gets to win all of the cars. However, most of the cars get destroyed throughout the race, realistically making the prize null and void. However, if you don’t think about it too deeply, and simply enjoy the entertainment value of the action in the film, them you will love Need for Speed. It is a must see for anyone who is a fan of action packed thrill rides.

Are you excited for Need for Speed? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our interview with Aaron Paul, and tune in later this week for interviews with Kid Cudi, Imogen Potts, and others!

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