NEED FOR SPEED: Imogen Poots Talks Cars, Aaron Paul, and Reveals a Big Surprise

Late last week, we showed you guys our interviews with Aaron Paul, as well as Kid Cudi, Ramon Rodriguez, and Rami Malek. Today, we are bringing you our chat with the featured female of the film, Imogen Poots. We talked with the British actress about the role, and how excited she was to be part of a car movie. In the chat, she revealed how shocked she was to find out that all of the stunts were going to be done without the use of CG technology. She also sung the praises of her co-star, Aaron Paul, as well as director Scott Waugh. And you won’t believe the secret that Potts reveals to us that makes her role in this movie quite, unbelievable. We hope you enjoy our interview with Need for Speed’s Imogen Poots, and be sure to check out our review of Need for Speed if you haven’t already!


 What did you think of Imogen Poots in Need for Speed? Let us know in the comments!

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