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Have you ever been so in love that you believe nothing can go wrong? In Leila Djansi’s And Then There Was You, a couple that seems to be perfect and completely in love become a couple in shambles. The film stars Garcelle Beauvais, Leon, Brian White, Lynn Whitfield, Greg Vaughan, Kate Nauta and more.


Joshua (Leon) and Natalie (Garcelle Beauvais) appear to be the picture-perfect couple, but looks can be deceiving. When Natalie discovers her husband has led a secret life, she is forced to deal with losing everything she loves. While picking up the pieces of her shattered world, the process of healing introduces some new-found obstacles in the form of a new love interest (Brian White). Now, Natalie must test the boundaries of her trust and the capacity of her heart before she can love again. Lynn Whitfield, Greg Vaughn and Trilby Glover costar in this fresh start romance from award-winning director Leila Djansi (The Ties That Bind).

The film is about a couple Natalie and Joshua who seems to be pretty perfect and completely in love. When Natalie finds out about her husbands past secret life, this couple who seemed so perfect quickly separate and Joshua takes everything with him. So she decides to fix up the house and sell it and then comes Darrell who becomes her new love interest, oh and he’s the plumber and fixer up guy. As he does the fixing up work in the house their relationship begins to blossom a bit, even though he is married, and you can tell that he is smitten with her. It becomes a fast moving relationship and you see Natalie start to trust and love again after all that happened in her life.

It surely sounds like something that has been done before, but I did somewhat enjoy the film. It wasn’t amazing and I wasn’t blown away, but I was entertained. It isn’t a movie I’d watch over and over again. I liked the performances by Garcelle Beauvais (who I think is very underrated) and Brian White who is always pretty awesome in everything he does. Since it’s an indie romance film, the way it’s shot makes it feel real and very genuine. The two characters, Natalie and Darrell are both going through tough times and by fate they’re brought together and teach each other how to realize that there are good people in the world and you will find the right person to fall in love with. Although, messing around with someone who is married is quite a horrible thing to do, but since Darrell’s marriage seems ridiculous and like it’s about to end, it makes sense that they fell in love.

This is one of those films to pop in when you’re in the mood of watching an Indie romance or just want something on while you do other things around the house. Also, it’s a great movie for a girls movie night!

It is available on DVD and digital download now!


and then there was you


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