Most Common Problems Found in Next Gen Consoles

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2014 is the year of the next gen consoles. In some cases, the question is “Which console should I buy first?” Then there are the more cautious consumers who just wait it out until the second wave  of next gens come along — when most of the kinks and quirks have been ironed out. Nonetheless, if you do plan on buying any of the three major consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U) soon, there are things to consider.

We got our report from Fixya — “a community based trouble-shooting resource that provides consumer-generated, practical product tips to help consumers solve problems on 8 million products” — which compiled stats on the top-most problems consumers experience with their new next-gen console. Fixya’s Game Console Report uses information based on over 40,000 troubleshooting requests posted by consumers through its product Q&A site as well as its iOS mobile app.

Nintendo Wii U

wii u stats

Most common problem: Although the problems have reportedly been acknowledged, a large number of Wii U owners still have problems with the console freezing. Issues with the gamepad comes at a close second.

Nintendo got a year’s head start with its next gen release. Since then, consumers have been complaining about the console freezing at any given moment. It has been addressed over the course of the last year; however, there are still a scattering of players still reporting on the same freezing issue.

Solutions: First and foremost, download any patches and updates for your Wii U by booting up your system, going into your system settings, and choosing the option to update your system.

  • There is a chance that your console has become “bricked” (i.e. you are no longer able to use it). After you device freezes, wait a few minutes before restarting it. If the Wii U does not reboot properly, or doesn’t reboot at all, then contact Nintendo customer service to ask for a replacement.
  • Just like your wifi modem, the Wii U has a chance of “getting stuck.” Reset your device by turning it off for two minutes. Unplug all the cords, wait, then plug them back in.
  • Make sure your Wii U is not overheating. To prevent any chance of overheating, place your console in a well ventilated space, place a fan next to it to reduce heat, and make sure the internal fan is working properly. You may also want to check for dust build-up. Also, if the Wii U is already overheating, make sure to let it rest for at least two hours before booting it up again.
  • If nothing else seems to be working, contact Nintendo customer service.

Microsoft Xbox One


Most common problem: Xbox One users are struggling most with the Kinect – whether it’s certain commands not being recognized, the motion sensor technology malfunctioning, or the Kinect simply not responding.

The Xbox One features an extra piece of equipment that is supposed to set itself apart from the PS4 and the Wii U, the Kinect 2. The device’s features blow its predecessor out of the water, allowing the Xbox One to become an all-inclusive entertainment device for the living room — and it’s the next step to possibly having our own virtual interface similar to Minority Report. As with most first generation electronics that come out to the marketplace, problems start cropping up. The most common issue is associated with the Kinect. Voice commands weren’t being recognized, the motion sensor tech kept malfunctioning, etc. Bottom line, if you have a game that wholly depends on the functionality of the Kinect 2, you’re screwed.

Solutions: First of all, always check to see if your Kinect is plugged in properly. Hey, it happens to the best of us…

  • Do a reset of your Xbox One by turning off the system for two minutes, unplugging all of the cords associated with the device, and then plugging it back in.
  • Make sure your Kinect settings are up to date and compatible with what you are trying to do with it.
  • Contact Microsoft customer service and order a replacement Kinect.

Playstation 4

playstation 4

The Playstation 4 has already sold about 5.3 million units as of February 2014, which is just nipping at the heels of Nintendo’s Wii U, which was released a year prior. Not only that, the PS4 has already put a significant enough distance between them and Microsoft’s Xbox One. And this isn’t even taking into account the PS4’s sales in Japan, which released late February. Despite all that success, it’s still a first generation unit — it’s not without its own unique quirks.

Most common problem: The console turns off unexpectedly.

The most reported issue according to Fiya users is their PS4 suddenly turning off during gameplay, or not turning on at all when prompted. This issue could be the symptom of a myriad of issues, but it can be summed down to two main indicators — the PS4 will either display a blinking blue or red light in the center of the console (where functioning devices will display a white indicator light). Whichever one you get, it means that the player can’t use the console at that time and may require some assistance from Sony. Before you go that far, however, there are a few things you can try out for yourself.

Solutions: Something one should do first with any temperamental electronic is to turn off your PS4 for about two minutes. Unplug all of the cords associated with the device, wait, then plug them back in. As an option before plugging all the wires back in, some users can also carefully open the hard drive to see if there are any issues with the disc drive itself.

  • Examine your HDMI cable and/or the HDMI ports on your television for any issues, as sometimes the PlayStation 4 will show an error result despite the issue not being a result of the console malfunctioning.
  • Put the system in a more open area with proper ventilation. Place a fan next to the system in order to reduce heat. Ensure that the internal fan is running properly – you should hear it while the console is running.
  • Contact Sony customer service and discuss the issues with them.
For more details on the other issues and their solutions, visit Fixya’s official report.

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Just a disclaimer, this is by no means a deterrent to keep you from buying any of the gaming consoles mentioned above. If you are a fan of any one system or more, then by all means, support the platform. Do keep in mind, however, that every first generation electronic has some growing pains. Happy gaming!

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