We are starting to reach the best of the best. Two weeks ago, our crack team of six writers set upon the awesome yet unenviable task of narrowing the 32 best It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes down to the Elite Eight. That is the stage that we are at now, and it’s also the stage when you the fans get involved. First, read out breakdown of the Sweet 16, then go to the final page to find out how you can get involved. We hope you enjoy our March Madness special: The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia bracket!


2014 Sunny Full Bracket Elite 8 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Elite Eight

1. Chardee McDennis over 5. The D.E.N.N.I.S System 4-2

Sitcoms with confusing games have long been some of my favorites. Friends had Fireball, the quiz for the apartment, and the game show Ross was in line to host. Community had yet another one just last week. But few games are more complicated than Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games. It’s an unholy mash-up of Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, B.S., and any complicated drinking game you played in college. I love the little ridiculous details of the game, like certain rounds don’t allow you to curse, to get out of “jail” you have to eat the individual ingredients of a cake and little breaks where everyone is required to be civil before engaging in debilitating trash-talk. I’m still amazed how I get wrapped up in this completely stupid and pointless game, but that’s the joy of Sunny.- Kip Mooney

2. Gang Gets Held Hostage over 3. Mac and Dennis Break Up 5-1

Mac and Dennis Break Up is a classic It’s Always Sunny episode.  I love how Dee manages to play psychological mayhem with Dennis and Mac after they harp on her cat-ladiness. It’s comical to see the guys act even more like a couple than normal, and one of my favorite gags across all the seasons of It’s Always Sunny is the cat in the wall.  Unfortunately, up against a heavy hitter like The Gang Gets Held Hostage, Mac and Dennis Break Up just couldn’t hold it’s footing.

The Gang Gets Held Hostage episode far and away is my all time favorite It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I’ve said it before, but any episode that features the McPoyles, particularly this episode, is a winner for me.  I recently  got unreasonably excited to see Jimmi Simpson (Liam McPoyle) in House of Cards Season 2.  You know this one is going to be awesome when it starts with Frank in the vents with a gun.  There is nothing that is not hilarious about The Gang Gets Held Hostage.  The two moments that I think of any time I reference this episode are the recreation of the John McClane moment in the vents with Frank in his tank top with his walkie and gun, as well as the extremely dramatic McPoyle drop off the roof.  Pouring milk on a knife wound and the awesome McPoyle trademark robes kick the insanity in to high gear.  When the McPoyles pit the gang against one another it’s like a mini version of the Hunger Games. Dennis’ seduction of Margaret is one for the ages, especially since his woo focuses on her unibrow.  The incident ends as quickly as it began in all it’s disgustingly beautiful McPoyle glory.- Cat Edison

TheGangGetsHeldHostage_zps2a9a7f11 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

1. Gang Gets Invincible over 4. High School Reunion 6-0

This one wasn’t even close, folks. “The Gang Gets Invincible” is simply a juggernaut with more inspired weirdness than a Winnebago full of McPoyles. Facing constant harassment from the success of “that New Kids on the Block movie,” the Philadelphia Eagles decide to hold an open tryout to placate all the delusional dreamers and weirdos in capes. Of course, the gang can’t resist turning it into a competition – one in which Dee is surprisingly adept thanks to the stork-like pendulum legs and “feet like wrecking balls” that make her a world-class punter.

However, the tailgating plotline truly steals the show. Everyone loves Green Man – I personally get a kick out of Charlie Day’s exaggerated arm motions in the costume. And every opportunity to learn more about the bizarre McPoyle clan is a blessing. (In this episode alone we learn about their “thin corneas,” limp-wristed fist bumps, and potential mind-reading abilities.) “The High School Reunion” is a fine episode in its own right with tons of callbacks for hardcore fans, but its run sadly ends here. If only Dennis had popped the shirt off…- Eric Ambler

2. Gang Dances Their Asses Off over 6. Kitten Mittens 4-2

The Gang is still on their feet, dancing their asses off all the way into the Elite Eight with a 4-2 win over Paddy’s Original Kitten Mittens. At this point on, it’s time to wonder if the Gang will start playing dirty from here on out to win the Sunny Bracket Challenge. Will they have a ringer, or someone who can scheme from the outside? Can they use some of Frank’s special brownies to knock out the competition? It’s hard not to like this episode’s chances going forward.

The gang’s scheming reaches epic heights this episode, with even the Waitress and Rickety Cricket, fueled by vengeance and legs reinforced by space age technology, getting in on the action. The dance offs, Dennis trying to seduce an engaged woman in front of her fiancée, Mac’s elbow dancing…The Gang Dances Their Ass Off is Sunny at its finest.

And seriously. How can Charlie remember all of the moves to his eighth grade dance routine (set to Berlin’s Take My Breath Away, no less), but can’t read? I love this episode.- Ryan Hill

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