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JUSTIFIED “Weight” Episode Recap

While watching “Weight,” you could see all of the pieces being moved for the endgame, but so far this season’s wasted so much time getting to this point that it kind of fell on deaf ears which is kind of a shame.

Dewey took off with half of Boyd’s dope at the end of the last episode so Crowder, the Crowes, and Raylan were all on his trail. Meanwhile, Kendal tried to escape from his kin after Danny’s dog died, Ava made another power play move while in prison after breaking if off with Boyd, and Wynn had to decide who he needs to hitch his wagon to now that things have gone sideways.

While Raylan chasing after bad guys will always be somewhat entertaining, I think Justified has miscalculated how much we’re supposed to care about Dewey Crowe. His particular brand of bumbling idiot has become very stale that I don’t find him funny or sympathetic, and I cannot wait until he’s either behind bars or dead. The same can be said about the rest of the Crowe clan, although the way Danny went out was anti-climatic and kind of insulting but it’s not like we were ever supposed to take him seriously. Oh, and here’s the part of the review where I talk about how I still don’t care about Ava or her Caged Heat/Orange is the New Black nonsense.

Unsurprisingly, the only parts of the episode that entertained me had to do with Wynn Duffy and his crisis of conscience. I’ll admit that the idea of him turning on Boyd never really crossed my mind, but it made perfect sense after Picker laid out his options, and bringing in Mary Steenburgen as an adviser felt like inspired casting. I just hope he’s standing when it’s all said and done.

So, we’re getting one step closer towards the showdown between all of the small time crooks of Harlan County and our favorite U.S. Marshal. I wish I could say that I’m on pins and needles and cannot wait to see where we’re going from here, but I’m just biding my time until this season’s over and we’re onto the final one of the series. I never thought I’d say that…

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