JUSTIFIED Episode 5.9 – “Wrong Roads” – Review

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“Return to form” is not a phrase we have had to use very often when it comes to this fantastic series called Justified that the FX Network, late author and creator Elmore Leonard, and producer Graham Yost have given us. However, following last week’s fairly stagnant outing, Justified has returned all of it’s major players back to Harlan County, Kentucky following several mis-fired weeks with some time spent in Mexico. And what a welcome return it has been. Justified seems to work best inside the confines of familiar territory, and now that everyone is home in Harlan, we can move forward towards the season finale.

Episode 9 entitled “Wrong Roads” found Raylan teaming up with a local DEA agent played by the iconic Eric Roberts, as they searched for old HR Dunham who they believed to be in danger and had information they needed and so on, etc. Roberts old law enforcement character was a fantastic foreshadow for future Raylan, like looking in a mirror 20 years from now to see how he could end up. HR was eventually shot and killed in this episode, paving the way for Boyd Crowder’s drug empire to take off, Eric Roberts seemingly made a one-and-done appearance, and Raylan back to square one, with more concern for Boyd’s future than ever before.

And with that, Boyd, Daryl Jr., and the entire criminal element of Harlan County come together for a meeting, and it’s there that the bigger picture for all the major players comes into focus: Boyd is willing to pay someone to kill Daryl Jr. in order to preserve his ties with Detroit…and he says so while sitting right next to Daryl, Jr. And so all bets are off, now its all in the open, and the endgame between the Crowe Family and Boyd Crowder is laid out before us…not to mention lovable cousin Dewey Crowe still hasn’t made it back from Mexico with his portion of the heroin, and at this episode’s close, he ran down old Eric Roberts who had him at gunpoint.

And poor old Ava. She waits patiently on the sidelines inside the prison walls, in desperate need of the heroin that Boyd has access to, in order to stay safe and alive while incarcerated. She needs to deliver, or her life will most definitely be over following all that she has done since going into the non-Harlan lock-up. This part of the story needs to come to an end: its a distracting sideshow to the bigger picture, and the overall show works so much better when all the players are free to do their business inside Harlan County. The women of this show have an important role, but right now they take a backseat as the story arcs start to come together. Even Wendy Crowe is looking to get out of Harlan before things get really messy…and she knows it’s coming.

Only a few episodes left, fans. The heroin presumably arrives next week, and then all bets are off. Who lives and who’s not so lucky? I think we can all count on a thinning out of the Crowe clan by the end of the next episode; but the bigger question is, where does that leave Boyd and Raylan? Let’s discuss in our COMMENTS section, and on my Twitter feed!

What did you think of this episode of Justified?



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