Justified Episode 5.10 “Weight” Review

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It’s been a road well traveled for Justified during this fifth season. With the exception of the Ava Crowder storyline, the show has been hitting on all it’s usual cylinders, along with a couple of great additions to the cast as well. So as we start down the homestretch of Season Five, it’s only fitting that the loose ends start to get tied up, and the endgame starts to really come into focus. This week on Justified, in an episode aptly titled “Weight,” everything pushed forward and the setup for the finale is nearly complete.


Raylan has found himself in the thick of all things Crowe in “Weight,” with the heroin shipment still not having found its way into Harlan County. Dewey Crowe made his bed last week, running down his cousin, a federal DEA agent, and stealing the heroin, in an attempt to make a play for the drugs profits. And while Dewey had hopes to break free from his family by selling off their end of the shipment, he was not successful, and he again found himself as the Crowe family whipping boy – back in line and serving his purpose. Raylan spent the entire episode hot on Dewey’s trail, even visiting old Dickie Bennett (portrayed again by the fantastic Jeremy Davies) in prison in order to track him down. In the end, Raylan shows up at the Crowe home, finding other-cousin Danny holding the bag of drugs, and watching cousin Danny accidentally fall onto his knife while making a run at Raylan. Now that Danny is out of the way, the real Crowe family drama can begin.

And things for Boyd Crowder could not possibly get any worse. With the Detroit mob possibly looking to take leave of Harlan, and the promised heroin shipment not making it in its entirety to Boyd’s door, things are crumbling around him. And then Ava leaves him, separating herself from him as he makes a visit to her at the prison. Ava has her reasons, but at this point her story needs to wrap up: Boyd must free her from jail, it’s the only way the Ava can make a real impact on the show and the overall Justified story that involves Raylan, Boyd, Ava, and their history in Harlan County.


The setup for the coming finale is taking shape. With Daryl Crowe not looking to leave Harlan, and finally getting whats left of his family in line (Wendy Crowe hits the floor this week, and young Kendall is forced into the family business), things are about to come to a boiling point on Justified. Boyd has made it clear he no longer needs The Crowe’s, but Boyd is now a desperate man, something he has not been in quite some time. And with Raylan’s personal, and professional, drama finally about to come to a head as well, all bets are off for upcoming the final two episodes of Justified’s fifth season.

Fans, are you ready for the season finale of Justified? Let’s discuss in our COMMENTS section!


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