HATESHIP LOVESHIP Trailer – The Interesting Lives of Lonely People

In the movies, lonely people always seem to offer the most interesting stories.

Hateship Loveship features a group of people who, despite their many differences, all share a similar sense of loneliness. The movie, directed by Liza Johnson, stars Kristen Wiig, Hailee Steinfeld, Guy Pearce and Nick Nolte. Considering the movie’s basis comes from a story written by Alice Munro, who recently won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013, Hateship Loveship is sure to tell a compelling story.

Johanna Parry (Wiig) is hired as a housekeeper for Mr. McCauley (Nolte), whose home is located in a small town, rough-around-the-edges town. One of her responsibilities includes caring for his teenaged granddaughter, Sabitha (Steinfeld). Sabitha’s father, Ken (Pearce), is a recovering drug addict who seems to be trying to turn his life around after a run in with a motorcycle lawyer.  He’s also trying to make his way back into his daughter’s life by sending her letters. Sabitha and her friend pretend to be Ken and trick Johanna into believe he holds feelings for her. This eventually leads to Johanna visiting Ken and discovering their communication was all a lie. I don’t know about you, but I would be pretty darn upset if I got tricked like that.

Each character has his or her own problems. The trailer does a great job of showing these issues. Johanna has no one near or dear in her life, so she takes care of others. Sabitha must play with other people’s feelings to find happiness in herself. Ken struggles to maintain a relationship with his remaining family as he fights his addictions.

We don’t get a good sense of Mr. McCauley’s character in the trailer, so it’s hard to figure him out. However, considering he lives in a large house with just his granddaughter and hires a housekeeper to help, he surely has some issues that he must overcome during the duration of the film.

The trailer for Hateship Loveship gives away enough details about the movie to draw the viewers in without revealing the whole storyline. What happens after Johanna’s crash-and-burn visit to Ken’s apartment in Chicago? What are the consequences of Sabitha’s actions? How do all of these characters overcome their problems?

The trailer makes us sympathize with the characters and see enough of their issues that we want to see their redemption. They have their weaknesses highlighted in this two-minute clip, giving a sense of humanity to the characters.

Hateship Loveship seems to be more of a drama than any other genre, but there might be a touch of romance in it if it follows the ideal Hollywood ending. Considering Wiig is cast as the lead in this film, there’s a possibility that there are some funny moments in here — however, this could very well be Wiig deviating from her standard comedy bit and trying something new.

The trailer for Hateship Loveship does its job well. It makes the viewers interested, gives away just enough details and leaves us interested in finding out more. If the trailer is anything to go by, then this movie will be a character-driven movie. As each character deals with the loneliness in their lives, they will surely overcome their issues — or at least, attempt to do so — and hopefully find contentment.

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