Happy Birthday, Jon Hamm!

It’s Jon Hamm’s birthday and we should all celebrate, because it’s Jon Hamm and he’s marvelous. I’m sure most people in the world know who Jon Hamm is thanks AMC’s hit show Mad Men, but he’s been in the industry for quite some time and has an awesome resume. Aside from Mad Men, Jon’s been in Bridesmaids, Sucker Punch, Friends with Kids, The Town, The A-Team, The Day the Earth Stood Still and has made appearances on various shows like 30 Rock. He’s got quite a long resume so I won’t put down everything he’s been in, but chances are you’ve seen him in something and love him. Also, guys out there, I’m sure your girlfriend, wife, husband or boyfriend has a crush on him!

Various sites have some intense obsessions with Jon Hamm and well parts of him, but I’m not going to write about that. Lets take a look at this cool video I found with clips from Mad Men (warning! spoilers!):

Here’s a dinner scene from Friends with Kids:

Here’s Sucker Punch featurette, I found:

It’s kind of hard finding nicely done clips and things on Youtube, but I think if you didn’t love him already, the above videos definitely made you swoon. He’s 43 years old and found the fountain of youth and probably swims in it daily and flaunts that beautiful face at us as proof. Are you a fan of Jon Hamm’s? Is there anything you like from him in particular? Leave your comments and happy birthday wishes in the comments section below! Lets chat about the Hamm.


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