Happy Birthday, Emile Hirsch!

Today was the day we all came together and realized just how much we love Emile Hirsch who is one of Hollywood’s coolest and incredibly talented actors. The birthday boy has been in so many awesome films and it’s a guarantee he’s been in at least one of your all time favorite films. For instance, he’s been in Lords of Dogtown, Alpha Dog, Into the Wild, Speed Racer, Milk, The Girl Next Door, Taking Woodstock, Killer Joe, Savages, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, and his most recents Prince Avalanche, Lone Survivor and the mini series Bonnie and Clyde. He has received high praise for his work in Into the Wild and is quite a respected actor in the business.

Here are some words from a few fans:

@Indieegirll: Happy birthday!! Thanks for your amazingness! Have the most incredible day ever!

@AndiMacSheen: he’s amazing! Been a fan for 12 years since #AltarBoys takes his roles seriously, chooses wisely!

@lambm77: I love him because he is hilarious <3 Because he owns every role he plays. Because he’s just him.

Here are some clips from films he’s been in:


What’s your favorite film he’s been in? He’s also made some appearances on TV shows and whatnot. He’s a great actor and seems like he’s one of the coolest guys in Hollywood! He also recently became a dad! Leave your thoughts and happy birthday wishes in the comments section below! Lets start a chat about him! What do you love about Emile?


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