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GameInvasion Podcast – Episode 4 – Ladies Night

Let’s talk about chicks, man. *CHICKS, MAAAAN*

ScreenInvasion.com Video Gamers Editor Carl Wilhoyte and co-host Nick Hammer are joined by Katie Hammer and Rachel Dinga (of Rachel’s Tumbling TBR Pile). This week’s episode is about women in gaming, both as gamers and as characters themselves. It seems like gaming tends to dismiss literally 50% of the world’s population in terms of who it depicts and why, and whom they sell games to and why.

We touch on subjects like Princess Peach’s hysterical helplessness, the awfulness of boob physics, and what Katie Hammer refers to as “vagina feelings”. Why are games only interested in hypersexualized and/or completely disempowered women? Why did they damsel Alyx from Half-Life 2?! Why doesn’t Ashley from Resident Evil 4 pick up a goddamn stick? Find out in the most recent episode of GameInvasion, Ladies Night.



If you’d like to submit a topic for discussion, email us at videogames (at) screeninvasion.com or add your own snarky thoughts below. We’ll promise we’ll read every one’s mean comments and cry lots.

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Theme Song: Serious As An Attack Button by Questiion

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Carl Wilhoyte

Carl Wilhoyte

Carl Wilhoyte is the Video Games Editor of ScreenInvasion.com: a class warrior poet who writes about all things video games. He's sure everything is not under control and is not going to be okay. For a good time, follow his angry rants and smart thoughts on Twitter: @carlwilhoyte.